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Evaluating Sources

No description

Amity Bateman

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Evaluating Sources

Has the information been revised or updated?
Is the information current or out-of-date? Is it important to have very recent information?
Why was this source produced?
Who is the intended audience?
Are the intentions of the author(s) clear?
What kind of information is this?
Fact? Opinion? Propaganda?
Are there any political, ideological, cultural, religious, institutional or personal biases?
Are the author's credentials or organizational affiliations given?
Does the URL reveal anything about the author or source?
Using the
CRAAP test

What should you consider when deciding whether or not a source is appropriate for your research or information need?
When was the information published or posted?
Where does the information come from? Is it supported by evidence?
Is this information peer-reviewed? Can you verify it in another source?
Is the information free of bias or emotion? Is the tone and content professional?
Who is the author/publisher/source/sponsor?
What are the author's qualifications to write on the topic?
... your source is probably a good one.
If you can answer these questions satisfactorily ....
Does the information relate to your topic or answer your question?

Who is the intended audience?

Is the information at an appropriate level?

Have you looked at a variety of sources before choosing this one?

Would you be comfortable using this source for a research paper?
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