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Google Glass

No description

Kia Baikie

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Google Glass



What is Google Glass?
Social Forces
The social forces are the demographics and the culture of the area.
For Google Glass in America the culture is always wanting new and exciting technology to improve upon their everyday life.
The culture is also is not use to this type of technology.
Most people do not yet realize the potential of these glasses.
Economic Forces
Many people cannot afford Glass as it is an expensive and newer technology that is not a necessity.
There are only certain families that will be able to afford Glass
Due to the economic state of the country, when the unavailing of the Glass was hurt.
Technological Forces
As this is a piece of technology it would be much like the competitive forces
Over all the world is quickly changing when it comes to technology and is getting better and better.
All of the new ideas for gadgets will have an impact on the google glass sales.
This piece of tech is also a high learning product
Marketing Mix
By: Nick, Kia, Ana, Pablo, Tyler, and Richard
Competitive Forces
The Google Glass is a forerunner in this sort of new technology
There have been several attempts by different companies to make a similar product for themselves
It also is the one that people are most aware of
A form of competition for Glass is other Bluetooth compatible products like the Apple Watch

Regulatory Forces
The regulatory forces would be laws and regulations that are in place that limit the product.
This is with it being such a new item there are only a few regulations.
Mostly there are bans in certain areas and countries that prohibit the use of these glasses.
This is due to the fact that people believe that it is a violation of privacy as well as do not want people spying on government affair
Ethical Issues
Many of the ethical issues arise from the camera and fears that come with that
The use of Google Glass has been banned in some bars, clubs, casinos, and theaters
Fear that Google Glass maybe a further driving distraction
Negative reaction from non-Glass users who fear being recorded
Many fears of the camera will dissipate as people become more accustomed to the everyday presence of glass-like products
Create a clear set of guide lines for Glass users for Appropriate and Safe use of Google Glass
Global Marketing & The Internet
Smartphones are used worldwide
Wide variety of apps are available
Created by independent developers
Google Glass provides a new platform for these apps
Opens up new opportunity for developers
Apps are developed for Google Glass across the world
New and innovative apps will excite potential consumers
Social Responsibility
Google's social responsibility is to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase profits, without deception or fraud.
Glass recall
Glass was given away to 5 different charities.
Educational videos by Parametric athletes for high-need schools.
Charity bike race.
Music and media-based learning programs for women.
Dance-based tools for people with Parkinson's disease,
Communication difficulties.

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Product: Glasses that take the place of your smartphone.
Place: Online
Price: $1,500 +
Promotion: Limited commercials, Online advertising and word of mouth.
Ad-campaign to be aired on T.V. and YouTube.
Looking Through Glass campaign
The ad-campaign will tell the story of three different people; A doctor, teacher, and a pro-athlete.
Each person will have their own commercial.
Google Glass is a wearable, hands-free device with a head-mounted display, that operates similar to a smartphone.
A commercial featuring a surgeon that is using the Glass to track their patient's vitals and see key components of their bodies.
This commercial would emphasize the benefits Google Glass will provide to the Medical Field.
Google can show social responsibility more by recalling Glass, and any accessories if there are any issues with them.
Donate profit to charities.
Recommendation to be More Socially Responsible
Marketing Segmentation
First and upper middle class
Medical Field- Doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc.

This commercial would feature a professional cyclist using Glass to track speed, distance traveled, and calories burned.

This will showcase how Glass can be utilized by athletes while training, or just consumers who live active lifestyles with hobbies like cycling or hiking.
A commercial that shows a teacher utilizing Glass to take attendance and slide through a PowerPoint while lecturing.

This commercial would showcase the impact Glass can have in a teaching environment.
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