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Electrical Engineer

No description

Mars Leung

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer
First Impressions
What do people in this career do?
What are the working conditions?
A lot of the work is done at a desk in front of a computer
Use drafting and designing techniques to make products from ideas
Work about 40-45 hours per week, depending on the workload and deadlines
How much $$$ do they earn?
When they start out, they earn about 45,000-65,000 per year
The national average is somewhere around 75,000-95,000 per year
Engineers with a lot of years of experience make up to 150,000 per year
The upper-most positions can make over 150,000 per year
The Benefits
Most engineers receive benefits like:
Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Paid sick leave
Vacation time

What are the training and education requirements?

High school: Take courses in math, science, and English
University: A bachelor degree in electrical engineering

Undergraduate Level: Taught how to design and build electrical systems

Electrical engineers do many things. A lot of what they do involves in the production, transmitting, and distribution of electrical energy.
How many years does it take?
It takes four years.(minimal)
How do they contribute to the society?
-Develop/Design electrical necessities like fridges, light bulbs, or your computer
-Help technology improve (like faster computers or lightbulbs that take less electricity)
-Without them we wouldn't have any electronics

May have to travel the depending on your position/specialization
-Highest to lowest is $150,000 to $45,000
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