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Coco Chanel

No description

Katy Greathouse

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel
Work History
Chanel family consisted of Antoinette, Julia, Agustin,Lucien, Alphonse Chanel,Jeanne Develio, and Albert Chanel
Chanel grew up learning how to seem from the nuns at her covet school
Degrees? Careers?
She never go any degrees because she never went to college.
Chanel gained a career in fashion, make up and fragrances, she began her interest early when she was learning how to seam dresses in her school.

Who did Chanel work for?
Chanel originally worked for a guy name Etienne Balson and then left him for a more wealthy man named Aurther Caple. Both men were extreme to her success in the fashion industry.
All in all Coco Chanel was a superior fashion designer.
Did Chanel go to college?
Chanel was an orphan after her mother died, her father was a peddler and put her in the orphanage herself. She went to a covent school run by nuns. Chanel never went to college she learned her knowledge from the nuns.

Gabriella Chanel

Place of birth was Saumur, France
Date of birth August 19 1883
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