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3.o6 War at Home

No description

pricilla zamora

on 9 November 2016

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Transcript of 3.o6 War at Home

3.o6 War at Home
Pricilla Zamora

News Feed
What's on your mind... (Average German American) Average Jewish American Average Asian American Average Hispanic American Average American Woman Average Dissenter I am now forced to live in ridicule and fear. Some of our stores have been vandalized, and one of our own was lynched in Illinois.......
Un-American persecutions are being tolerated by the government and certain constitutional principles have been dismissed. Other Americans rarely treat us with respect. Orchestras refuse to play the works of our homelands composers, and German elements of everyday American life have been changed

Jewish Americans
The KKK wants to keep us down,but that would be the last thing we do... we came here loking for freedom from discrimantion that we didnt have europe. "Land Of The FREE" WHATS UP WITH THAT!!

Asian Americans
i cannot see my brothers and sister in japan but now that im here it hard to see who is really with me......
Hispanic Americans
The last time i checked i was born in the U.S but were are my rights?
We faced discrimination, and do manufacturing job as well, which I really dislike and they think that we are unfaithful because of something that happened between the U.S. and Mexico... ugh..
Hispanic Americans:
I am going to move to the Western of the U.S. so I could do factory job instead of manufacturing jobs.
Women are almost looked upon as equal to men. It is now that we are aloud to work for the war, and are not relegated to our homes.
Since we contributed a lot during the time of the war, we have convinced most of America that women should have the right to vote. I am proud to say, we are now given that right.
American Woman
American Woman
I think it is outrageous that it is against the law to have your own opinion...
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