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Safety measures in the Chemistry Laboratory

No description

Mohammed Attia

on 4 October 2014

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Transcript of Safety measures in the Chemistry Laboratory

Safety in the Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Labs and chemicals can have very painful consequences on students if they are not handled with caution.

"The chemistry laboratory is a great place to learn, but if certain precautions are not followed, it can be a very dangerous place"
Mohammed Attia
8. Be careful with hot plates, Bunsen burners, and other heat sources.
10. Never take chemicals out of the lab
13. Always wash your hands before you leave your lab station
14. Know the location eyewash station
16. All accidents should be reported to the demonstrator
1. Lab aprons (
lab coat
) and safety
should always be put on.
2. Appropriate clothing should be worn.
Long hair
should be tied back
such as chains and dangling earrings are not safe
should be worn
3. Know the fire drill procedures and location of exits.
4. Before using electrical equipment, hands should be completely dry.
5. Bring along only the materials needed for that lab. Extra clutter is not safe.
6. Food and drinks are strictly prohibited.
7. Chemicals should never be tasted.
11. No horseplay or fooling around
12. Keep your work area clean
15. If some type of chemical is spilled on the sink, wash off with water first, then call your demonstrator
In case of an emergency:
During a lab:
Before a lab:
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