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Receipt Explanation for Percent Project

No description

Anna Collins

on 27 January 2017

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Transcript of Receipt Explanation for Percent Project

Receipt Explanation for Percent Project
Jamaria ordered from the Hong Kong menu.
After adding the prices all together, her first subtotal was $19.50.
First thing I had to do was give her a discount, which was 10% off her meal.
If you take away $1.95 from $19.50, you get the second subtotal of $17.55.
Next I had to tax her for her meal. The tax amount was 8%.
If you add $17.55 and $1.40, you get her third subtotal of $18.95.
The final thing I had to do was to add her tip of 20%.
If you add her tip of $3.79 to $18.95, you get her final total of...
To check and make sure I was correct, Jamaria went through every step and carefully solved the problems herself.
When she finished, everything was right, so she put her name and signature to show that she did go through it for part of her grade.
While I was doing this, she was doing the same thing for me. I went through and carefully checked her work for part of my grade, too.
I really enjoyed this project and definitely liked it better than taking a test. It really did help me understand how percentages can be used in the real world.
Thank you, come again!
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