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Campus Accommodations

Pinterest Proposal

Tailor Talbot

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Campus Accommodations

Campus Accommodations Benefits Concerns Our Pinterest Account Just a passing fad?
Only marketed towards women?
Not effective for a university? SAS Pinterest Hey guys, I got my mission call. Does anyone know if I can be released from my housing contract? Congrats! I was on Pinterest the other day and I saw that BYU Housing posted "helpful housing hits for future missionaries." I will check it out for you! Dorm Life! "University of Louisville has seen substantial increases in social media without doing contests, promotions or gimmickry (that can garner huge spikes in followers), but our attrition rate is half of what many pages see. We attribute this to consistent and valuable engagement, diligently monitoring our networks, working, and learning together."
- Jeff Rushton, digital marketing director Men On Pinterest How will we let students know about our Pinterest account? Universities Using Pinterest ...a picture is worth a thousand words. What Is Pinterest? College dorm room checklist
Pictures of actual BYU decorated rooms
How to decorate
Student Health
Inspiration quotes from Church leaders
Study Tips
What to do in Provo
Organization Tips
Cleaning Tips
Food on a Budget
Quick and Healthy Meals
Pictures of On-Campus Housing
Meal plans
Living at (Wymount, Helaman Halls, Heritage Halls, Wyview Park)
Petition information Ideas for Boards why is Brandon's face on here? Congrats! I was on pinterest the other day and I saw instructions for future missionaries regarding housing, I will check it out for you!
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