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Erasmus - The Norwegian phenomon Friluftsliv

Anders Bøgen

on 1 September 2013

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Transcript of Friluftsliv

Question 1
Question 2
Definition from Hans Gelter
Spectators! Tourists usually needs some degree of civilzation and comfort and are not always happy with the natural conditions in nature.
Norwegian phenomenon
"Friluftsliv" (Outdoorlife)

What is Friluftsliv?
Discus this in random groups of 3 persons
What is "frilufts-tourisme"? And how is it different from "friluftsliv"?
Discus in groups of 3 persons.
Try to define the following
persons. Would you define them as being "friluftsliv"?
By Sophie, Michael, Martin,
Vlatislav & Anders

Definition from Nils Faarlund
"The norwegian tradition of friluftsliv is about identity. Not about expensive equipment and training are not needed. It is about touching and being touch by free nature."
What is the difference if we ask the experts?
But where does it all come from?
(Historical overview)
Henrik Wergeland
Henrik Ibsen
(Used the word
Henry David Thoreau
Hans Gelter
(Divides friluftsliv
and frilufts-tourisme)
Fridtjof Nansen
(Friluftsliv til ungdommen)
The future:
Frilufts-tourisme is in increasing alot these years

Friluftsliv is a harder question. If we ask the older generation, they might say that the youth are more frilufts-tourists
General idea upon friluftsliv:
The human race started doing Friluftsliv, because it was the only way to survive.
We now want to have the simple life again. All the choices we have stress us, but when we return to nature we no longer have to make the same amount of decisions!
Gelter, Hans. Friluftliv: the scandinavian philosophy of outdoor life, doc. p. 77-90
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