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Kaite Darlington

on 30 April 2010

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Phosphate removal from water Laundry detergents Shampoos Herbal essences Dove John Frida Paul Mitchell They all have it! Tide
Gain Downy Phosphates can be found in: Okay so you understand what types of things have phosphates in them, but why are phosphates so bad? Phosphates are bad because: Many bodies of freshwater are currently experiencing growth in outside sources of phosphrous. This increasing concentration of phosphorus is allowing plants to absorb more nitrogen before the phosphorous is used up. when this happens elevated concentrations of nitrates will lead to alge blooms HUH?!?! In simpler words phosphrous is bad because when its in natural water it creates algee blooms. They got it too! But not only does phosphorous create alge blooms it also has these effects on the enviornment: Algal mats, decaying algal clumps, odor and discoloration of the water. extensive growth of other aquatic plants This can... Interfere with recreational and aesthetic water uses Interfere with navagation, aeration and channel capacity This can... Dead macrophytes and phytoplankton settle to the bottom of a body of water enducing microbial breakdown processes that require oxygen Potentially deplete oxygen and kill fish life. This can... YIKES!! Thats cant be good! So what have scientists done to help? well they created this chemical equation that can help solve this problem Al3+ +HnPO4 3-n ALPO4+nH+ Reactants Prouducts
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