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Kelsey High School

No description

Tamie Mason

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Kelsey High School

Kelsey High School
Foreign Language Department
Technology Proposal
Mobile Technology for a Global Classroom
National Standards
Learner Expectations
Students will engage in conversations in the target language.
Students will present information to an audience in the target language.
Students will acquire information about different viewpoints of other cultures.
Students will use the target language within and beyond the school setting.

How can students achieve the learner expectations?
Using mobile technologies with a constructivist approach in the foreign language classroom.
Which mobile technology is the best fit for a foreign language classroom?
Why ipads?
Goals for Studying a Foreign Language?
The ultimate goal of foreign language instruction is the ability to communicate appropriately and in meaningful ways with other language speakers.
Requested Equipment
10 ipads x $499 = $4,990
10 ipad cases x $159 = $1,590
1 ipad charging station = $459
Total = $7,039
In order for our students to move beyond basic textbook knowledge of the foreign language, our students need to experience the foreign language in daily use and iPads are one method to provide that opportunity to the students at Kelsey High.
Click below for one teacher's experience:

10 ipads w/cases
1 charging station
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