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Salvo Auto Parts

No description

Neetu Mahal

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Salvo Auto Parts

Salvo Auto Parts
Salvo Auto Parts is a privately owned auto part retail store within the Baltimore Area. They have 11 conveniently located stores that include Perry Hall Shopping Square and Craine Highway in Glen Bernie. For over 75 years, Salvo Auto Parts has been building a huge inventory of the parts and accessories needed to keep cars running smooth and looking nice. Salvo Auto Parts have recently launched an on-line catalog to provide customers with the ability to search the inventory and see our pricing and availability. Within the company the department of e-Commerce is called Motorhead Auto Parts.
Sache Bond, Alex Hamilton, Navneet Mahal, Rhyan Vargas and Jordan Worrell

The company does not correspond with each other which in turn makes its difficult for internal and external users. The company is separated between the payment system and inventory system. It is nearly impossible to be able to get an screen shot of the inventory and sales report at the same time. Due to this division the company is not able to navigate targeted marketing.
E-Commerce Set Back
Existing Data Flow Diagram
Salvo Auto Parts
First alternative will allow us to integrate both systems (payment system and inventory control). All information such as payment records and inventory will be stored in databases on a newly purchased server that will be stored on our company’s website. Doing this will allow Salvo’s Auto Parts to eliminate most of the manual entry processes. Having both systems available to customers, employees, and the office managers on the website will allow more processes to be automated and more efficient. For example, when a customer finishes up their purchase on the website, the customers’ preferences on items will be saved. This is in order to give feedback such as specific purchase recommendation to increase overall customer service later on.
Second Solution is very farfetched. Alternative two cuts the middle man of the Office Manager. The processes that would be combined like our Alternative one would allow the process to automatically assign the task to the employee. There would another process called Employee Time. The Employee Time would ultimately be an algorithm that cycles the employees working during that time and experience of the employee.
Alternative 1 Data Flow Diagram
Alternative 2 Data Flow Diagram
Cost Benefit
Alternative 1
Cost Benefit
Alternative 2
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