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The Kornilov affair and its consequences

No description

Johan Suzuki

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of The Kornilov affair and its consequences

By: Johan Suzuki and Mauricio Valles
The Kornilov affair and its consequences
The consequences of Kornilov's ill-judged intervention
Very significant:
Kerensky's reputation was so damaged. After Kornilov's affear, he was alone.
Leaders of Mensheviks and the socialist revolutionarist one were disgraced or untrusted by their own people because of the association with Kerensky.
The mayority of people untrusted the Kadets and other liberals as an agents of industtralist and large landowners.
And more consequences...
Generals couldn't be able to trust with their 'loyal' soldiers to carry out thier orders. Soldiers felt that Kerensky betrayed Kornilov and therefore they were not going to fight for him in the coming confrontation with the Bolsheviks.
The Bolsheviks came back, most of the people called them, as "saviour of Russia, the true defenders of the revolution". On september 9. Bolsheviks took control Petrograd and 25 of september Trotsky was elected as its president. They also controled Moscow and they ended up dominating all the urban Russia.
Problem 1- the war
Kerensky didn't want to make peace with Germany. The provisional gov. also agreed with him because they knew that if they surrender to Germany they will be forced to give parts of the Russian land.
Problem 2- Law and order
He believed that this could be restored. However he needed a military leader.
Problem 3- the Bolsheviks
Along with other moderate socialists, he did not want to abolish completely the Bolsheviks. He knew that if he made a such move, it might lead to rioting and violence.
Problem 4-The economy
He didn't knew how to deal with this. Also there was not much that could be done while the war continued.
How did Kerensky respond to his problems?
How did Kerensky respond to his problems?
By the end of August, Kerensky thought that the only course open to him was to restore the law and order in the cities and discipline in the army. However he needed someone who can count on in order to deal any threat presented by the Bolsheviks and also to help to bring the law and order in Russia. He named Kornilov as the new supreme commander of the Russian forces, and he agreeded to bring trust worthy troops to Petrograd to work for Kerensky. But kornilov, saw it as an opportunity to crush the radical socialists, so it can prevent the revolution to get worst, and restore the order and the authority in Petrograd. So he sent his troops to the city.
How did Kerensky respond to his problems?
Kerensky panicked when he realized what was happening. He called the soviet so they can help to defend petrograd. While the middle-classes welcomed Kornilov in order to protect their property and interests, the mass of the people was alarmed, because if Kornilov succeeds in bringing back the order, it meant the retuen of the old order and for the militaries meant the return of the old style discipline and forced to fight in the war. Workers and officers desperately wanted help and the Bolsheviks provide that help. Now the Sailors, militaries and the workers was prepare to defend the city, but much of this defences was organized by the Bolsheviks. The bolsheviks Red Guard appeared and Kerensky was good enough to supply them with weapons. However Kornilov's troops didn't arrive. Railway workers halted the trains carrying them to Petrograd and the Bolsheviks agents persuade them to desert their officers.
Kornilov was arrested.
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