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Joachim Kroll

No description

Shannon Cain

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Joachim Kroll

Joachim Georg Kroll
Date of Birth: April 17, 1933
Date of Death: July 1, 1991 (aged 58)

-Cause of death was a heart attack
Personal Characteristics
Kroll had self-esteem issues as a child
Was a pedophile (lover of children)
He had an IQ of 76
"Momma's Boy" Lived with his mother until he was 22 years of age. He only stopped living with her because she died.

Irmgard Strehl (19)
Erika Schuleter (12)
Klara Frieda Tesmer (24)
Manuela Knodt (16)
Barbara Bruder (12)
Petra Giese (13)
Monika Tafel (13)
Hermann Schmitz (25)
Ursula Rohling (20)
Ilona Harke (5)
Gabriele Puetman (10)
Maria Hettgen (61)
Jutta Rahn (13)
Karin Toepfer (10)
Marion Ketter (4)

Relationship with the Victim
Seems to be no direct relationship to the victim

The victims age ranges from the ages of 4 years old all the way to 61 years of age

He killed people of all types, there was no specific profile
He said he chose people that looked "tender" enough to eat
Male Victim
He was stabbed in the heart twice, and died immediately.
Kroll watched Rita A., making love to Schmitz in their Volkswagen. He punched a knife through a tire of the car, causing Schmitz to get out of the vehicle. Kroll stabbed him in the chest, as the girl watched. Kroll escaped custody.

This crime was different than the rest:
1. A male was the target
2. He did not rape the victims
3. He did not package them for later.
He was scared off, which caused him not to finish the act.
Hermann Schmitz
First Victim
Irmgard Strehl

Stabbed 4 times in the neck and strangled
Raped after death
Her disemboweled body was found in a barn in Lüdinghausen.
She was a runaway from a home in Niedersachsen.
Kroll met her on the road and invited her for a walk in the woods.

Oldest Victim

Maria Hettgen
When she declined his offer for a chat, he beat her, strangled her, and raped her.
She was found the next day.
Youngest and Last Victim
Marion Ketter
Youngest and last victim
Her intestines were found blocking the drain of the house, her hand was boiling in a pot on the stove with some carrots and potatoes, while other parts were packed in the freezer for later consumption.

Police searched the neighborhood after Marion went missing the day before. The complaint of another tenant about the blocked drain brought the investigators into Jochaim's apartment.

Post Behaviors
Avoided Media and Police
Shy and kept to himself
Admits to cannibalism
NO remorse
Doesn't see any of this as wrong
Geographical Mobility
Ruhr Area
All locations are in Germany
Kroll only killed in the same place on a few occasions years apart.

There were a number of other killers operating in the area at the time, which helped him to evade capture.

Kroll Was only captured because of a neighbor complain about a clogged pipe
He was convicted of eight murders but confessed to a total of 13.
Sentenced to 9 terms of life-imprisonment on April 8, 1982. Died in prison on July 1, 1991

Kroll enjoyed taking slices out of his victims from the buttocks, stomach, or thighs

Rape was also consistent through Kroll's killings

Kroll would surprise his victims and strangle them quickly. Afterward he would strip the body and have intercourse with it, often masturbating over it again.

He would then mutilate and cut off pieces to be eaten later. Upon returning home, he would have intercourse again with a rubber sex doll he had for this purpose

Joachim Georg Kroll -nickname from the toys, candy, and dolls that he kept in his home.
He often invited children into his home and would flatter them with presents and treats.
He loved the attention he received from the children.
Uncle Kroll
Method of Killing
What Happened to Kroll
1. Why did Kroll confess to the killings?
2. Is Kroll a sadist or was he just hungry?
3. Do you think Kroll is an organized or disorganized offender?
The Cannibal Killer
Mobility Continue
Joachim Kroll with the police at one of the crime scenes.
Crime Scene
Disorganized crime Scene
In memory of Joachim Georg Kroll
Musician Chet Scott- musical project inspired by Kroll.
The Ruhr Hunter, with CDs bearing such titles as Torn of This, reportedly bases lyrics and themes on true crime aspects of industrialized culture. Ruhr Hunter's instrumentation has been described as rich and dark, combining "lustmordian drones" with "ghostly harmonics" and "delicate piano melodies."
One reviewer noted that the music "inflict[s] an extreme sense of desolation, almost pushing through to being depressive if it weren't for the fact that harsh power electronics come roaring upwards through the resonant atmosphere to keep you refreshed and anxious."
Ruhr Hunter is apparently a favorite among fans of "black metal" music.

There's also a different kind of artistic venture devoted to Kroll. The author of the Website, "clubmoral.com" set up a "true crime art project" dedicated entirely to Kroll's series of murders.

The Ruhr Hunter
Risk Factors
Method of Killing



Kroll's Home
Last Victim's hand was boiling in a pot
Organs and body parts were packaged for later and kept in his fridge
Kroll tried to flush his last and youngest victims intenstines down the toilet that he shared with his neighbor
Lovers Lane
Victim was stabbed outside of his car, in front of a crowd of people
Kroll did not care who witnessed this crime
Came from a large family
Was a butcher at the family farm
Only attended school for 5 years
Father died in WWII
Social Risk Factors – Peer rejection and Association with Antisocial Peers. Kroll only had one relationship, and it had quickly failed. Kroll lived alone but had a collection of dolls specifically for the girls, because they liked dolls, and Kroll liked little girls. Kroll kept inflatable dolls for sexual purposes, choking them while he gave himself sexual pleasure. Kroll raped women even as a young man.

Family Risk Factors – Father became a prisoner of war in WWII and never returned home. In 1947 his family had to move, sharing a two room house with his mother and six sisters because his brothers had already left home. He went to school for 5 years and quit to work on the farm. In 1955 his mother died, when he was 22.
More Risk Factors
Psychological Risk Factors – Kroll did not show shame or remorse over what he had done. He had a learning deficiency because of his very low IQ. Uninterested in news reports about the murders he had committed.

Environmental Risk Factors – working as a butcher as a teenager. Not having his Father around.
Woods, bushes, and meadows
Did not try and clean up crime.
Did not dispose of body or try and hide the body
Only parts of bodies that were missing are what he planned to eat later
Sexual Sadist
Hostile Aggression
Overt Aggressor
Hedonistic Serial Killer
Visionary Killer
Lambroso's Characteristic's Displayed by Kroll
Unusually small head
Asymetrical face
left side lower than right
Uneven eyes
Mousy ears
Low set ears
Large nose
Excessively long arms
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