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Batman - Transformation

No description

Justin Norris

on 7 September 2018

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Transcript of Batman - Transformation

Meet Bruce Wayne (background)

Philanthropist, Billionaire, &
Owner of Wayne Enterprises

Age: It depends on the story arc, but
usually he's depicted in his early 30s.

As a boy, he witnessed the gruesome
murder of his parents.

After this horrible tragedy, Bruce
takes an oath to rid Gotham City
of crime to ensure that nothing like
this happens to any child ever again.
The Transformation
Fearing that his fame and notoriety
may get in the way of trying to secretly
fight crime as Bruce Wayne, he decides
to take on a new identity so that he
can fight crime in the shadows.

As a boy, he was terrified of bats. This
becomes his inspiration. In order to induce
fear in his criminals, he will become the
thing he fears the most - a bat.
What can we learn from
Bruce Wayne's transformation?
Taking the law into your own hands can have dangerous consequences. By remaining strong through the most difficult parts of life, we can inspire ourselves and inspire others to do good. Sometimes we have to do more than the average person to make a real difference, but more often than not, it's going to be worth it.

The Transformation (Continued)
As a means to strike fear into those who prey on the fearful, Bruce Wayne becomes The Batman - only coming out at night, never resorting to murder, and exacting justice until crime is gone for good.
The Positive & Negative Outcomes
Bruce Wayne
Transformation Database
September 7th, 2018
Mr. Norris
World Literature

He turns a negative situation
into a positive.

He attempts to eliminate crime
and rid the city of criminals,
murderers, and other dangers to

He learned how to channel his rage
and anger in regard to his parents'
He's breaking the law by taking the law into his own hands.

Now he must deal with escalation - because of his dramatic transformation, this causes criminals to change just as drastically as he did.

His personal life is sacrificed, now that he dedicates himself to being Batman.
And of Crime Fighting Are We Created
Both Rolf & Bruce learned to
deal with their past.

Rolf, Azucena, & Bruce had all lost loved ones right before their eyes.

Rolf, Azucena, & Bruce showed true courage by fighting to stay alive and help others.
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