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Kristen Alexander

on 17 August 2017

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Transcript of UMBC

Club Sports
Officer Training

Facility Usage
Risk Management
Club Sports 101
Code of Conduct &
Liability Waiver Forms
Core Values:

Who's Who
in Campus Rec?
Gary Wohlstetter

Tom Maier

John Jancuska

Josh Lightfoot

Kristen Alexander

Monday through Thursday
Saturday & Sunday
2017-18 Registered Clubs
Ice Hockey
Jiu jitsu
Men's Lacrosse
Women's Lacrosse
Men's Rugby
Women's Rugby
Men's Soccer
Women's Soccer
Tae Kwon Do
Men's Ultimate Frisbee
Women's Ultimate Frisbee
Men's Volleyball
Women's Volleyball
Club Sports Council
The mission of the UMBC Club Sports Council is to unite Club Sports as a single organization representing those students who seek a high level of athletic competition, sportsmanship, and leadership opportunities.
Team Officers
Re-register the club annually--> club sports status is a privilege NOT a right
Attend all Club Sport Council meetings & training sessions
Ensure submission of all proper documentation & forms
Report and document all injuries and incidents
Develop & maintain an up-to-date roster
Arrange facility reservations for practice, competitions, & meetings
Meet with club sports coordinator to attain approval for travel, publications, equipment purchases, and fundraising
Ensure all financial obligations are met
Promote good sportsmanship
Complete educational requirements
Train future officers/leaders
What is Risk Management???
"Risk Management is the process for identifying, assessing, and prioritizing risk within an organization, business, or program. These strategies allow leaders to develop action plans that mitigate risk, therefore, improving the overall quality of their program."
(D'Elia & Bowen, 2013)
Can't Eliminate Risk
Goal: To manage and mitigate
*All club sports participants will be required to read & sign before participating in any practice
Hazing Defined
"Hazing" refers to any activity expected of someone joining a group (or to maintain full status in a group) that humiliates, degrades or risks emotional and/or physical harm, regardless of the person's willingness to participate.
Examples: personal servitude; sleep deprivation and restrictions on personal hygiene; yelling, swearing and insulting new members/rookies; being forced to wear embarrassing or humiliating attire in public; consumption of vile substances or smearing of such on one's skin; branding; physical beatings; binge drinking and drinking games; sexual simulation and sexual assault.
*For such activities to be considered hazing, forced or mandated participation is not required.
If a new member feels that she/he will not be considered a fully participating member of the group or feels that they would be ostracized for not participating in particular behaviors (for example, alcohol use), then such implied coercion would be considered hazing
All UMBC students are required to have health insurance upon arrive on campus.
Emergency Contact Number, Insurance Company, & Policy Numbers will be required from each participant before the student is eligible to participate.
Emergency Action
Types of Injuries
Muscle Pulls
Bloody Nose
Life Threatening
Cardio-respiratory arrest
Severe Bleeding
Severe Pain
Shortness of Breath/Chest Pain
Check the Scene
Is it safe?
Are there any hazards around?
How many people are involved?
Is there anyone around who can help?
Check the Victim
Is he/she conscious?
Is he/she breathing?
Is there any severe bleeding?
Call for Help
UMBC Police - 410-455-5555

Call 911

*If possible have somebody else make the call so that you can stay with the victim and administer appropriate care
Provide the following info:
1. Identify yourself - name
2. Declare nature of emergency - need ambulance/AED/etc.
3. Location - Walker Ave. field - Lot 22, UMBC, 1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, Md 21250 & specific venue/field
4. Condition and number of individuals injured and type/nature of injury
5. Other info as requested
6. Do not hang up until Police/911 has done so first

Care for the Victim

If the victim is conscious get consent from them first.

Assess the nature of the injury and proceed with administering appropriate emergency care.

Never leave the victim under any circumstance until advanced emergency care arrived.
Only provide care if you have the proper certifications to do so!!!!
You DO NOT want to be found negligent for giving improper care.
Must be filled out for each incident = access on the club sports website
Submit to the recreation office within 24 hours of the injury
Be as factual and objective as possible
Give specifics
Cell: 443-677-6784
Anytime an ambulance is called you must contact Kristen Alexander after the individual is cared for by the certified personal.
In the event that I can't be reached you must then contact one of the following individuals in this order:
Gary Wohlstetter
Cell: 410-707-4559
Office: 410-455-2638
Thomas Maier
Cell: 410-507-5829
Office: 410-455-2198
Josh Lightfoot
Cell: 410-303-0870
Inclement Weather
All club activity must be halted immediately if severe weather poses a danger to the participants or spectators
Possible Situations:
Lighting/Thunder Severe Rain/Snow
Possible Tornado/ Hurricane

It is the responsibility of the event supervisor for all home competitions and events to monitor weather patterns. It is the responsibility of the team officers during practices and other activities to communicate with all parties about delay/cancellations.
Club Sports Coordinator
Team & Coaches
Visiting Team
*Club Sports Coordinator has the final saying in cancellations
* Suspension or cancellation of an event is at the discretion of the home game administrator
Once a game has started, it is the official(s) call
Every effort will be made to continue a game that is suspended or delayed
Athletic Trainer
Home Events
All home events are required to have an athletic trainer on site.
Make sure you are budgeting for a trainer.

A trainer costs $35 per hour
*Facility space is not automatic or guaranteed!
A facility/field request form is required to be filled out and turned in to the Club Sports Coordinator 2 weeks prior to event.

The form must then be signed off by the Coordinator for approval of event.
University Expectations
Respect Start & End Times
Do not altar the playing surface in any way
Always clean up
Put equipment away/put goals back where you found them
Leave facilities better then you found it
Seek approval of any facility during inclement weather
Spectators are allowed to attend events but not have usage rights
No pets allowed
Absolutely no alcohol or tobacco
Use of the UMBC facilities is dependent on compliance with all guidelines and policies. Failure to do so can result in immediate suspension of facility privileges.
*You must let the coordinator know if you decide not to use any of the facility time that you have been granted
Call the RAC front desk with any issues with facilities:
Gates locked
Lights not on


Contact the Coordinator if someone else is occupying the space you have been designated.
Walker Field
Tennis Complex
RAC Recreation Courts
RAC Arena
Fitness Studio
Retriever Practice Fields 2 & 3 Lower Fields
UMBC Stadium
Upper Practice Fields/
Field 1
Prohibited Items:
Sunflower Seeds
Metal Spikes
Usage of this facility is on a limited bases.
Do Not Throw or Kick a ball off of the Stadium Lockeroom Windows

Usage of the Stadium Lockeroom is strictly prohibited
University Room Requests
Rooms within the RAC are Free to use. Just let the club coordinator know a week in advance.

Rooms outside the RAC must be booked through 25Live and Drema Wentz. dwentz@umbc.edu (There will be a fee)
Make sure to turn in a receipt for reservation to club coordinator
You can request a receipt from Drema Wentz
Hosting Home
*All home events require prior approval by the club coordinator and forms must be submitted 2 weeks in advance
All home events require:
Event Supervisor
All off-campus travel must be approved in advance by the club coordinator
General Policies
No travel outside the continental US
Members must return to UMBC campus unless permission is granted prior by club coordinator
Students are required at all times to conduct themselves in accordance with UMBC standards
* Must be submitted at least 7 days in advance
Personal Vehicles
All drivers must have a license, insurance and personal vehicle registration
Clubs are not allowed to travel between the hours of midnight and 5:00 am
Clubs must check in with the club coordinator via text message upon departure and arrival
Rental Car Policies
may only rent car, minivan, SUV, or 12 passenger vans (which ever is cost effective)
NO 15 passenger vans are allowed
Drivers must pass the drivers test issued by the club coordinator before being allowed to drive.
Copy of the certificate must be on file in the club sport office PRIOR to trip
Vehicle Request forms must be turned into the club coordinator 2 weeks prior to trip
Only drivers listed on vehicle request forms may operate the vehicle
Vehicle rental expenses are the fiscal responsibility of the individual club. Maintain financial records to ensure fiscal responsibility.
Group Flights - Submit a detailed itinerary to Club Sport Coordinator with the following info:
departure location, date and time
destination airport
return location, date and time
travel party names as they appear on drivers licenses or passports
date of birth for each traveler
How to reserve rooms:
Research the local hotels in the city that you are traveling
find the most reasonable hotel that is closest to the event site
Look for hotels where breakfast is included
Fill out a hotel request form and submit to club coordinator at least a week in advance
call the hotel to reserve rooms
request the hotel to fax a Credit Card Authorization Form to the club coordinator 410-455-1538
communicate that reservation has been made
make sure to get a receipt upon check out and turn it into club coordinator 24 hours after return
Please allow at least one week for approval
Please ask if an expenditure is reimbursable before making payment
Funds maybe requested by check or p-card. Cash is not available
Hang on to all paperwork/receipts; there is no such thing as to much paperwork
Provide invoices when possible
Paid By Cash
Paperwork to be turned in
Completed expenditure request form
Original receipts
Name, Address, and SSN of person being reimbursed
Is the person on UMBC payroll
Invoice with description of purchase and amount due
Paid By Check
Paperwork to be turned in:
Completed expenditure request form
Copy of check
Copy of bank statement
original receipts
Name, address, and SSN of person being reimbursed
Is the person on UMBC payroll
Invoice with description of purchase and amount due
Paid By Credit Card
Paperwork to be turned in:
Completed expenditure request form
Original receipts
Copy of credit card statement showing purchase
Black out all other unrelated purchases and account info except for the name and address
Name, address, and SSN of person being reimbursed
Is the person on UMBC payroll
Invoice with description of purchase and amount due
On-Campus Purchases
Purchases consist of Commonvison marketing materiel, room rentals, electronic rentals and catering
Expenditure Form must be completed and approved by club coordinator
Payment is done through Chart String Numbers (Club Id) which is provided by club coordinator
Turn in any receipts for purchase to club coordinator within 24 hours
It is not the Club Sport Coordinators responsibility to do your bookkeeping. Keep track of your club's records.

If there is discrepancy or question about any purchase, a club may request to compare records with Club Coordinator
Each club will be allocated funds at the beginning of each school year. This amount is determined by the Club Sport Coordinator on a basis of the following:
The amount requested in the budget request packet
The club's organization, responsibility, involvement and ability to follow procedures
The amount of funds absolutely needed to run a successful program
The amount fundraised by the club during the year
20% required
This may include dues
Any penalties incurred by the club in the previous year
failure to attend mandatory CSC meetings
Not completing educational sessions

Club officers should plan their resources accordingly and ensure that the

Do not commit to games/events that the club cannot afford

Funds must be present in account prior to approval by Club Coordinator
Other Important Information
Budget Statement
Paid by P-Card or Check (Paid online or over the phone)
Paperwork to be turned in:
Complete expenditure request form
Company contact info
company name
phone and/or email
A quote/invoice (if purchasing over internet print out page showing desired purchase or a virtual shopping cart)
Important Information
All clubs must have filled out proper forms and then be approved by club coordinator before traveling
All drivers must have a valid drivers license and be 18 years or older for a personal or rental car
At least one club officer must be designated and approved by club coordinator as acting Trip Leader
Trip Leader is responsible for:
insuring that all club members are aware of and abide by the UMBC Code of Conduct
Reporting any injuries to club coordinator immediately
Saving and submitting any receipts retained on trip
Turning in rental keys to club coordinator upon returning to UMBC
if coordinator is not in office, leave keys in top drawer of desk and send an email to coordinator confirming the keys have been returned.
*Only those club members who have signed the current Club Sport Consent and Release Information Sheet will be approved for travel
If you run a toll, you personally will be charged for the toll fine. In addition, the team will be fined $50 by the CSC
Each team is responsible for fundraising at least 20% of funds allocated by club coordinator
Hosting tournaments (entry fees)
Bake sales
Letter writing campaigns
Player Dues
All checks must be made out to "UMBC" and designate the club in the meno section
If a donor wants to use the money donated as a tax write off then checks must be made out to the "UMBC Foundation"
This is the only time you should be putting money in the foundation account
Marketing & Communication
Take a look at the Club Sport website and send the club coordinator any changes that need to be made.

Team websites must be kept up to date on a normal basis, we will be checking on them periodically.
Marketing Material
Clubs may purchase flyers, posters and other marketing materials through Commonvison or other vendors.

Clubs may also request to have the club coordinator make copies of flyers (under 100 copies)
University Posting Policy
* All marketing material must be approved in advance by the Club Coordinator
Volunteer Coaches

UMBC has a contract with Under Armour, each team gets 40% off apparel
All orders must be run through the club coordinator
All logos must be approved by club coordinator
Do not distort the UMBC logo in anyway
Request an ordering form from Club coordinator
Can view apparel at www.uateamcatalogs.com
For season, click FW17
Teams may also order apparel from other outside vendors
All orders must be run through the club coordinator
Content and Release Form
All club members participating must read and sign the form.
This acts as a wavier and a roster for each club

A club may not have access to funds, facilities, or any other resources until this form is completed and submitted.

If at any time during the year a new member joins the club, they must come to the Rec office to sign the form before they are allowed to participate.

Coaching Agreement
If your club plans on having an instructor/coach, their contract must be completed by all parties before they start working with the team. (Paid or Volunteer)

A copy of coaches resume must be turned into the club coordinator prior to coach starting work with team.

Inform coaches that payment takes about 2 months to receive after hours on contract have been completed.
Community Service
Senior Assoc. Athletic Director/
P.E. & Recreation
Assoc. AD/
P.E. & Recreation
Recreation Manager
Athletics, Recreation
& P.E. Supervisor
Club Sports Coordinator
RAC Hours
Jasmin Walters
Coordinator of
Fitness & Wellness
Clubs are not required to have a coach or volunteer coach
Educational Seminars
Each team is required to attend 2 educational seminars held by UHS
Big Dawgs Don't Haze
Escalation (One Love Foundation)
80% of your team must be in attendance at these seminars
Seminars must be completed within the fall semester
To schedule your seminars contact
Priya Patel @ priyap1@umbc.edu
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