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Express English at Century College fall 2013

Express English is a program designed to let more developmental students complete Comp I--faster!

Carl Gerriets

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Express English at Century College fall 2013

at Century College
Express English
Checking the data
Although in any given semester,
most students pass 0090, their overall
success rates aren't as good:
Express English is based on
the Accelerated Learning Program
of the Community College of
Baltimore County
In Express English, students take
ENGL 0090 and ENGL 1021
We can do better!
Our goal:
70% of Express students
will successfully complete
ENGL 1021 within 3 years
Only about half of entering
ENGL 0090 students
will complete ENGL 1021
within 3 years.
The plan

Spring 2014: 6 sections
Fall 2014: 6 sections
Spring 2015: 6? sections

check results and go from there
Questions, issues, need more materials?

Contact Cullen Bailey Burns or Carl Gerriets
What Express English is
Express at Century
Cullen learned what CCBC had done
(ALP conference, especially)
So we met with everybody
English department
Reading department
ESOL department
Institutional research
and anyone else who would listen
How it works
Registration / scheduling
We schedule Express before making the rest of the English schedule
We have a separate designator, ENGX, for students to enroll in
The corresponding ENGL 0090 classes are locked out but have a note to send students to ENGX
We rely heavily on advisers, counselors, and faculty to help us spread the word
Desire2Learn is an additional trick
We're stealing heavily from Baltimore and from the California Acceleration Project
ENGL 1021 (Comp I) remains unchanged
ENGL 0090 is completely redesigned to "scaffold" and support what they are doing in 1021
Each day, 1021 is first, then 0090
0090 usually starts with "What questions do you have from 1021?"
Spring 2013: We did a 2-section "pre-pilot"
So no significant data yet
But the results were encouraging

Fall 2013: 6 sections
All filled initially (72 students)
So far, so good
What we've learned
Work with a partner
Plan ahead
Meet with everybody
Gather qualitative and quantitative data
Get reassignment time
Use the student success and retention pressure
About Century College
Century is a comprehensive community college located in the northeast corner of the Twin Cities. Recent fall enrollments have been around 7000 FTE.

Fall 2012 data indicates
Full-time students: 43%
Students of color: 37%
Pell-eligible students: 50%
First-generation college students: 22%
Students are placed by the Accuplacer reading and sentence skills tests
Developmental Classes
ENGL 0080: 4 credits, 25 student cap
ENGL 0090: 4 credits, 25 student cap

College-level Classes
ENGL 1021: Composition I, 4 credits, 28 student cap
ENGL 1022: Composition II, 3 credits, 25 student cap
Express English involves
these two classes.
Context and Codes
(both Express and not-Express)

Writing instruction at Century
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