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Ender's Game Book to Movie Comparison

No description

Sam Granger

on 8 November 2015

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Transcript of Ender's Game Book to Movie Comparison

Book to Movie Comparison

Ender's Game
By Orson Scott Card

Plot & Basic Information
Ender's Game is set on Earth & in space around about 100 years from now. After 2 invasions by an alien race called 'Buggers', the human race need to prepare for another invasion if there happens to be another, so the american government scour the country for kids that seem to have the potential to be a commander in an army. The protagonist, Ender Wiggin is spotted and the government closely monitors how he handles certain situations till the age of 6. At the age of 6 the government stop monitoring him and ask him to enrol in 'Battle School'. The school is set in space and only includes boys, except for one girl who was outstanding in her testing. In the school the children are put through tiring challenges and war games which test their tactical skill and physical ability.
Main Similarities
Follows general plot
Includes all the characters and doesn't introduce any new characters
Doesn't get rid extremely of important scenes
Same character personalities and roles.
Main Differences
Takes out a lot of the games that are in the book.
Changes the name of the aliens from 'Buggers' to 'Formics'.
Takes out a fight scene in which Ender breaks another boys arm and replaces it with a boy throwing up.
In the book Ender's brother and sister create online profiles with fake names and write political articles which gather up a lot online support yet in the movie there is no mention of it.
In the movie it doesn't demonstrate how Ender changes from the age of 6 to 12, instead it keeps him around about 10 and makes the story seems like it happens in the space of 6 months.
In the book it emphasises how isolated Ender is yet in the movie he gains friends much more quickly.
Film maker's visual and character adptation
The film maker did a good job of capturing the setting. The battle school was kept the same as they used very militaristic kind of matierials and dull colours to exaggerate how unfriendly it was. To show what the aliens planet was like the film maker used very dry colours like orange and red to clearly show a difference from earth as it is very green and blue.
Other than the fact that the film maker makes Ender 10 instead of 6 they did well in making Ender like he is in the book, "... in the mirror he saw a face that he easily recognized. It was Peter, with blood dripping down his chin" especially in emphasising how Ender hated hurting people and being like his brother Peter who constantly hurt Ender.
Being faithful to a work of literature
In my opinion I think that to be faithful to a work of literature is to translate in a literal sense. Often film makers will change too much in the films and take out important scenes which annoys a lot of people that read the books before seeing the movie. In Ender's Game the film maker tries to keep the movie as close to the actual book but has to cut out a few scenes because it would mean the movie would become too long. I think that the rights of author should be that they get to review each scene and make edits to them if they feel they are necessary and that they should get some of the profits. Yes there should be limits to as how much is changed and if there is stuff changed then the film maker should have to consult with the author as to whether it should be done.
The Missing Scene
In the movie the film maker decides to remove the scene in which Ender goes to another uninhabited alien planet after the war to build another home for humans. The film maker deals with this by just leaving the audience on a cliffhanger. The film maker does this so that the audience isn't left unengaged at the end of the film. I found that the film maker decided to not add an extra scene.

My opinion
In my opinion I believe that the book is better purely because the movie leaves out too many scenes and changes too much.
If I had to give a rating for the two I'd give the book an 8/10 and a 7/10 for the movie.
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