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Wildfire Run

No description

Vicente Cupello

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of Wildfire Run

By Vicente Cupello Wildfire Run by Dee Garretson Opening lines About the Author The novel takes place in Camp David, which is in Maryland, U.S. and it is in the present day, during the month of August. Setting Callie is the antagonist in this story because she is the opposite of Luke. She hates technology, she loves farming and she is smart. The only thing Luke and Callie have in common is that they are both stubborn, which really influences their efficiency while escaping. She loves cats and she hates liars. Antagonist The overarching idea that the book shows is perseverance, which means that if you put your mind to something, and never give up, you can accomplish it. When everything seemed at its bleakest, Luke gave up, but Callie told him to get back up and keep trying because you will never accomplish anything by sitting down and doing nothing. This event in the book shows an example of perseverance. Another event that shows this is when Theo gets a concussion but he stays up, tries his hardest and accomplishes the most he can. Theme of the book Dee Garretson loves reading and writing. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband, 2 children, and 2 cats in a house surrounded by semi wild gardens. Helping her father make unusual inventions and playing adventure games in the woods is how she spent her childhood. She has also written Wolf Storm and The Gargoyle in the Seine. Seeing young children and grandchildren of the 2008 presidential candidates made her wonder what their lives were like and this inspired her to write Wildfire Run The roar came from deep in the Earth, growing louder as it raced toward the surface. Within seconds the river began to tremble. Camp David is one of the safest and most peaceful places in the United States, but when, the president's son, Luke vacations there with his friends, Theo, Callie, and secret service agents to protect him, a chain reaction of disasters suddenly causes chaos at Camp David. Now the are alone, and they have to escape. Now they need to override the security systems, save the secret service agents, cross an impenetrable gate, and escape Camp David. Summary Conflict The plot of the book is a man vs. nature conflict. When Luke and his friends decide to stay at Camp David which is next to a forest, with a few agents, a wildfire is triggered by some disastrous events including an earthquake. This seems easy, but there is an impassable gate all around Camp David, but there are gate controls at the gatehouse, but the person controlling it gets knocked out and it stops working, so Luke has to override the systems but all the systems need passwords or retina scans. Some rooms are also restricted. They also have no water and they start getting hot as the fire gets closer. Before they escape, they must also rescue Adam, an agent, who is a special friend to Luke. Will they be able to fulfill their plan? Will they survive? Protagonist In this book, Luke Brockett is the protagonist. He is the president's son, who is spoiled and always has an agent watching his every move. He is stubborn and devious and very athletic. He loves dogs and he loves racing, and he is very interested in technology and robotics. My Opinion on the Book I really liked this book. The beginning is slow but once you are at the action with the fire, it is very exciting. My favorite scene was when they were finding the security systems because I was really into the book at that point, because it had so much action. My least favorite part was when they were at the gatehouse because the action was rising and all of a sudden it goes back to slow Dee Garretson --> Thanks For Watching!
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