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No description

Paul Naumann

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Silandia

By: Paul and Matt
Small Nation
Population of 5000 people
Land mass of 120 square miles
The typical family size is four or five people
Mother, father, two or three children
Each family has five acres to use how they see fit
Monarchy including a King, Queen, Prince, and Princess
The Silandian Rugby team has won gold in their last five appearances in the olympic games
Everyone in Silandia is perfectly capable of living off the land older then the age of ten. At age thirteen children are tough the basics of survival. When they become older they are forced to use what they have learned. Groups of six teens are placed in the forest and expected to survive for up to and including a month in seclusion. Also all citizens are expected to be trained in hand to hand combat and basic weapon training. Everyone learns skills including those of swords, knives, bows, and spears.
Religious Views
Worship Greek Gods such as Zeus and Poseidon
Everyone required to worship for an hour before bed
Everyone must attend church on Sunday mornings
There is a Heaven and an Underworld
Everybody starts going to church at a young age of 3 years old
Must go until they are at least 21 but after "church graduation" they are not required to attend
"church graduation" = getting confirmed
No currency, only trading with commodities and goods.
Main exports: Beans, Tobacco, Wheat, and Cotton
Main Imports: Rice, Iron, Steal products, Corn, and Potatoes
Potatoes are our main Cash Crop
Divorce is illegal (Marriage is forever)
Domestic abuse is punished by banishment from the tribe
Guns are illegal
No set age for alcohol, but parents must give consent
Tobacco is completely legal for all ages, however the health afects are well known by all citizens
Stealing will result in the loss of a finger
Murder is punishable by death
If someone is accused the two parties fight and the winner is the correct person (pirates law)
Petty arguments
Bigger, more serious problems are taken to a court hearing and the king decides who is guilty
Only green energy
Windmills, Hydroelectric damns
Some landlines and telegraphs (not every home has one)
No cars
Only modes of transportation are by foot and horse drawn wagons
No modern medicines, only ancestral remedies
The People
All men are required to join the military at age 18 for a minimum of two years
Women typically stay at home and take care of the children while the men go out and hunt or gather supplies
Education is taught differently from family to family depending on certain beliefs
All children are required to participate in at least one sport to ensure good health
These include lacrosse, field hockey, football, rugby, soccer, and track&field
The legend goes that long ago in the land that is today Silandia a barren wasteland rolled across the vast planes. God looked down on the land with pity and decided to give this land the everlasting gift of beauty and nature. The lands became fertile and animals eventually came to be the first to inhabit this newly found sanctuary. As the story goes the devils and demons of the Earth hated the happiness and joy this new land had become. Their empty tortured planes where their preferred sanctuary and they cursed this new Eden. They decided burn the forest and fields to the ground in order to spite the lord and his marvelous dominion. God looked down upon the Earth to see what had become of his new found joy and sent forth a great flood to wash the fires of damnation away from his wonderland. Even as the waters came upon the land the animals could not flee so god sent down a golden Eagle that accompanied him in Heaven. This Eagles saved the animals of the land and captured one of the demons responsible for the wicked act. As God deemed the Demon guilty the Giant Eagle tore into it destroying it and its tortured soul. This Demon did not die without putting up a fight and the bird was wounded. When it flew down to the ground once again to replenish its strength it laid a golden egg upon the ground. The majestic raptor flew back up to the gates of heaven only to find that the egg it had laid on this beautiful land had hatched behind it. Out came from this life bearing shell the first two people in this new land
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