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Chicago Crime Big Data

No description

Jenny Corcoran

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of Chicago Crime Big Data

Chicago Crime Big Data
Group A2

Number of Domestic Violences by Year
Chicago Bulls
Community Area Statistics
Chicago Crime
5.5 Millions records
Researched areas
Gang Activity
Over 100,000 gang members V's 12,000 police.
Gang members are responsible for 61% of homicides in 2011.
In 2013 there are few killings since 1965.
Additional officers in high crime areas.
Police are targeting gangs.
City Summer jobs program 20,000 young people.

Arrests by District
Chicago Crime Dataset
Domestic violence funding
Domestic violence during sporting events
Misbehaviour and suspension among youths
Gang relative activities

Data Cleaning
Over 5.5 million records.
Range data from 2001-2013.
Removed airport data.
Missing data.
Data columns that were not required.

Suspensions in 2014
SAP Predictive Analysis helped us to show that there are areas (such as ZIP Code 60644) where there is a high rate of shootings also has the highest rate of suspensions and lack of attendance in schools
2013 Shootings in Chicago
82 shootings in Chicago over the July 4th holiday weekend in 2013 - 16 people were killed. In terms of raw number of murders, Chicago has long been at or near the top of U.S. cities, according to FBI crime statistics. In 2012, it had 500 murders, the most of any city in the country; Chicago has been among the top three cities with the most murders since 1985.
SAP Hana allowed us to create a view and put that view in to SAP Predictive Analysis to see the amount of arrests in each of the police districts since 2001. The police districts which had some of the highest arrest rates included:

District no 015 (which is postcode 60644) – Where there has been highest amount of shootings in 2013 so far and the area with the highest rate of suspensions and lack of attendance in schools since 2001

• New Year’s Day was the highest for 6 of the worst 20 days from 2001-2013.
• Christmas Day was lowest for 6 of the best 20 days (10 if Christmas Eve & St. Stephens’s day are included.)

District 8
District 11
Most Common Crimes
Predicted Crimes Based On Previous Years
Over 5,000,000 Records
Some Records Missing Data
Dates Caused Us Problems
Date and Time in same column
Some functionality was missing in predictive analysis when importing from Hana
Filtering Date issues
What we would do differently
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