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Halo with Science Fiction

No description

Eric Gonzalez

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Halo with Science Fiction

Science fiction themes are perceived into worlds such as Halo and other media

-Race Preference
-Gender issues
-Gender roles
-Medical Experimentation
-Real World Relations
When looking at race in Halo, I can see that this game tends to have characters from many races and also portrays them all as equal. They don't discriminate against one particular race or tend to favorite one over another like most video games do. In the article
"What's in a Game? Race, Gender, and LGB Representation in Video Games"
Wilberg, the author, writes about how the majority of games go for the Caucasian protagonist to better their sales but also because that's the stereotypical hero thats seen in movies and television. In Halo you see sergeants, marines and Spartans that are Black, White or Asian, making Halo a diverse game, which is not what most games are.
Gender Issues
If you think Halo, one of the biggest games in video game history, only consist of strong male characters, that's where you're wrong. Halo has many females in its universe as marines, generals, scientist, and Spartans. Some key characters in the game are females if some were not in the story then Halo wouldn't be Halo. In the article
"The Virtual Census: Representations of Gender, Race and Age in Video Games"
Williams, the author, examines characters and content in video games to question on why representation of video game characters are the way they are. Williams uses movies and media to compare them to video games to argue that video game developers are choosing to go the same path as the media by choosing strong male characters instead of female ones. Halo goes the other way and has female characters that are crucial to the series and story.
Gender Roles
Reading novels like
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
made me notice that gender roles is a recurring theme in science fiction. In the
Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
we see Yeine break the gender role of being a female soldier by showing us she can be just as violent and sturdy as men. In
we see Lilith break the gender role of weak female leaders by showing us she can be a good and strong leader, like people stereotypically think of men as. Tracy Dietz states in her article,
"An Examination of Violence and Gender Role Portrayals in Video Games"
, that video games usually show gender roles being followed than broken. She goes on to say the majority of video games show woman as weak or side characters that don't have a huge role in the game. Halo goes the opposite direction than the majority of video games and follows what
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
shows us, breaking the gender role. Halo shows women, not just breaking gender roles but shows there being no gender roles in their universe. They do this by showing women and men together as equals no matter their profession.
The Halo Universe
Race Preference
Medical Experimentation
Real World Relation
When reading books like
, and
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
you depict a relation from novel to real world. What I mean by this is that you can see situations and problems in these novels that can either be portraying or relating to our world. Such as in
were the Republic has surveillance on everyone in the system, this can be related to the leaks of the NSA spying on Americans via their phone or online conversations. In video games we see this relation as well. In Halo there are two species at war for a ring in space(The HALO) that can be used to destroy Earth and other planets. This can be related to wars that go on today for oil or better weapons. For example America going to war with Iraq for their oil to better themselves. Another game that is making a statement with its context is Watch Dogs. This game is about a protagonist, that is being hunted by the government, that can hack into any cameras, phones, or public systems for his advantage . This clearly is a relation to the Government of America having eyes everywhere you're connected to something remotely
Sergeant Johnson (A black sergeant and one of the most loved characters in all of Halo)
Jun (An asian Spartan that fights for the protection of humanity. Part of a six man team called Noble)
Cortana (One of the most important characters in Halo and also one of the most loved AI in game history)
Dr. Halsey (A scientist and the creator of Spartans, she is the reason they exist. Plays a very important role in the Halo Universe)
Female Marine (There is both male and female marines that fight together in Halo)
Sarah Palmer (A female Spartan. In ths picture you can see she is killing covenant enemies and being shown violent as men)
In this course we have come across the theme of Transhumanism and Medical Experimentation. This theme is seen in Halo with the Spartan project. The Spartan project was a project to make super soldiers out of children that were growing up with the genes that can reach the potential. This can be seen as Medical Experimentation because there was no guarantee that the children chosen will survive the whole process, which most of them didn't. Just like in
Medical Apartheid
you can see a relation with how a selected group of people were getting tampered without guarantee there would be success. The slaves we read about in
Medical Apartheid
never agreed or signed up for the Experimentation which is exactly what is seen in Halo as well because the children who got chosen, got chosen without their consent to participate. But all this can also be related to Transhumanism because if the project was to succeed then it can mean evolving all mankind to have faster reflexes, improved endurance, super strength, ability to see further and near indestructible bones, which is what a Spartan is. This can be related to what we see in Dawn because Lilith knows that all humans are going to need to accept the changes by the Ooloi to better themselves.
Here you can see a size comparison between a Spartan and a human. I wasn't lying when I said they were super soldiers.
Master Chief (The main protagonist in the game, a Spartan, getting his armor taken off. He was part of the Spartan project Dr. Halsey created)
Video games have messages and statements they try to make within the game. Here I'm just showing a relation between U.S soldiers and marines in Halo
The things we see in video games, movies, books, or any kind of media, can be portraying things in real life.
I barely scratched the surface with what science fiction themes we can find in video games. There is a whole lot more science fiction themes you can discover in Halo or games in general. VIdeo games can be analyze and taken apart like the novels, videos, and articles we analyzed here in class. You can say the same about movies, music, and tv shows. With that said I like to thank you for viewing my presentation.
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Themes in this course that can be spotted in Halo
Here is a picture of a Spartan team called Noble. This is the team Jun is from as you can see him above. As you notice this team has Asians, Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics, which is a perfect example of Halo showing us race preference not being used and still making it a good game millions enjoy. Something else you might have noticed is that they're women in the group, which brings me to my next theme, Gender.
(Turn up your volume and view in full screen for best experience)
Brief Intro
Halo is a Sci-FI video games that takes place in the year 2552-2557. The series centers on an interstellar war between humanity and aliens known as the Covenant .The two are at war for "Halo" which refers to Halo rings in space that can be used to destroy planets . Most of the games are seen throught the eyes and experiences of Master Chief , a super soldier (Spartan), and his AI companion, Cortana.
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