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JROTC Service Learning


Juan Reyes

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of JROTC Service Learning

Service Learning
Project What is Service Learning? “…a teaching and learning approach that integrates community service with academic study to enrich learning, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.” Promotes learning through active participation
Provides structured time for students to reflect
Provides an opportunity to use skills and knowledge in real-life situations
Extends learning beyond the classroom
Fosters a sense of caring for others What can service do to you? Facilitator- leads the team discussions to identify needs and prepare service learning activities
Recorders- Takes notes for the team and organizes .
Reporter- Represent the team voice and reports team findings.
TimeKeeper- The timekeeper keeps tracks of time and plans the schedule.
Debriefer encourages team members and leads discussion after presentatio If students remove trash from a streambed:
they are providing a service to the community as volunteers Community service example When students remove trash from a streambed,
analyze what they found,
share the results and offer suggestions for the neighborhood to reduce pollution,
and then reflect on their experience

THAT is service-learning! Service-learning example The Team Service-learning can also be organized and offered by community organizations with learning objectives or structured reflection activities for their participants Not just academic An volunteer program

An add-on to an existing school or college curriculum

Completing minimum service hours in order to graduate

Service assigned as a form of punishment

Only for high school or college students

One-sided: benefiting only students or only the community Service-learning is not: positive, meaningful and real to the participants

cooperative rather than competitive experiences; promotes teamwork and citizenship

addresses complex problems in complex settings rather than simplified problems in isolation

engages problem-solving in the specific context of service activities and community challenges, rather than generalized or abstract concepts from a textbook Common characteristics of authentic service-learning National studies suggest that students in effective
service-learning programs:

improve academic grades
increase attendance in school
develop personal and social responsibility Added benefits of service-learning
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