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Intro to Set Design

Examples of incredible set designs of the past, and elaboration on elements that make up a basic set.

Matt Wasson

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Intro to Set Design

The "Ring Cycle"
@ New York Met (2010) The set, which will be used for all four operas, features 24 planks constructed between two towers and runs on a hydraulic system. The fully equipped set weighs approximately 90,000 pounds. Lepage describes it as fluid and sculptural; the set can be configured into a multitude of forms to accommodate every scene—enabling him to meet Wagner’s daunting theatrical challenges. The planks, made of aluminum covered with fiberglass, serve as surfaces for projections, seamlessly transforming the stage into Hunding’s hut or a rocky mountaintop. Designed by Carl Fillion, the set was built at the Met and at Scène Éthique, the Montreal workshop where the first technical rehearsals took place. August: Osage County
@Steppenwolf Theatre Concert Designs Nine Inch Nails: Lights in the Sky Tour (2008) David Bowie: Glass Spider Tour (1987) Daft Punk: Alive Tour (2007) Kanye West: Glow in the Dark Tour (2008) U2: 360 Tour (2009) The Fray: World Tour (2009) Radiohead: In Rainbows Tour (2008) Kings of Leon: US Tour (2010) Platforms Legs Flats Step Units Ramps Drops Truss Elements of a Scenic Design Examples of Effective Designs Groundplan Front Elevation The Three Sisters
@Steppenwolf Theatre (2012)
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