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The Holy Grail

No description

Jared Kenigsberg

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail
By Jared Kenigsberg
The Builders of the Grail
Chrétien de Troyes :
Perceval, le Conte du Graal
Robert de Boron :
Joseph d'Arimathie
Wolfram von Eschenbach :
Heinrich von dem Turlin :
Diu Crône
Forms of the Grail
Dish - Troyes
Chalice or cup - Boron, Malory
Sir Thomas Malory :
Le Morte d'Arthur
Lapis Exillis - Eschenbach
Bowl - Turlin
The Beginning of the Grail
Sometimes called the Holy Chalice of The Last Supper
Known as the cup used to collect the blood of Jesus
Given to Joseph to survive punishment in prison
The Location of the Holy Grail
Began in Jerusalem with Joseph and Jesus
Boron's Story
The Grail was taken by Bron or Josephus to Britain
The Vulgate Version
Joseph takes The Grail to Sarras, Egypt
After departing from Egypt, his company travels to Britain
Finding the Grail
The Grail Hero
The hero who journeys to find the grail
In earliest writings the hero was Sir Percival (Troyes, Boron, Eschenbach)
In more recent writings Sir Galahad is the hero (Malory, White, Vulgate)
Turlin portrayed Gawain as his grail hero
The Grail Castle
The Grail Castle can only be entered by the knights destined to see the grail
Most stories have Corbenic Castle as the castle of the grail
The castle where the Holy Grail hides
The Grail King
The king who live in the Grail Castle
Sometimes referred to as the Maimed King or the Fisher King
Since introduced in Troyes' poem, many kings have been called the Grail King
The Grail Company
The Grail Company was made up of knights that were deemed worthy of the Grail
Only 11 people and Joseph were allowed to sit at the table, with one seat saved for the Grail Hero
If anyone other than the chosen tried to sit, they were punished by God
The Grail Today
The Grail has been lost to time
The story of the Holy Grail is remembered through cinema and literature
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