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Following the Footsteps of SIUE

No description

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of Following the Footsteps of SIUE

Following the Footsteps of SIUE
Curious about SIUE?
Check out www.siue.edu for the complete run down of the school. From this web page, you can navigate to explore some of the topics you may be curious about, such as athletics, admissions, and even applying to the school right on this web page.
Time For a Tour
So now that you have seen the SIUE web page, you;ll want to see the campus for yourself, All you have to do is either find the maps section on siue,edu or go straight to siue,edu/maps/ and print off the campus map. In addition, this web page provides an additional regional map if you aren't sure how to first get to campus.
Keep Calm and Cougar On with Cougar Care
After taking a look around the school, you decided SIUE was the campus for your college career, Congratulations! Now,, time for you to get to work. As you begin to walk down your career path, you may hit some bumps on the way. But, no fear SIIUE has got some great Cougar Care! Wether you are feeling under the weather or just need some tutoring in a tough course, visit www.siue.edu/currentstudents to find the cougar care you are in need of..
Campus Cougar Calender
Taking care of yourself is very important, but now that you have that taken care of, it's time to have some fun. Check out all of the campus events at www.siue.edu/events/ to see a full schedule of what is going on at campus and get involved!
Congrats Cougar!
Congrats cougar, you have now begun your journey.. You will soon be sitting in the seats these students are.right now. Watch this video and imagine yourself in their shoes, because now this is you.
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