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Memorial to words used to death

No description

Amanda Crown

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of Memorial to words used to death

Memorial to words used to death
We are so sorry we used you so much!
Boo Hooo , Boo Hoooo Good bye fond friends!
I used big to death!
Now I will use gigantic or humungous
I overused small, it is dead now.
I can use petite, tiny, or microscopic
We overused so many words-We are truly sorry
Now I can use upset, depressed, and blue.
I am sad I overused sad.
I will use kind, thoughtful, and big hearted
Nice, you were nice, now you're gone
joyful, elated, gleeful are my new best word friends
Happy, I will never forget you!
Now I will employ beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, and elegant
I used pretty until it was used up
Now I say yelled, screamed, exclaimed, stated and inquired.
I said, said way too often
angry, furious, and aggravated are my words now
Mad is soooo yesterday
Good was my best word friend until I used it to death!
I can use fantastic, superb, fabulous, and amazing from now on.
Now I use, cried, whispered, and laughed.
I said , said like all the time.
Now I can use: enormous, massive, and vast instead.
Big was my word homie - till I used it all up
Now I say, irate, fuming, and livid.
Mad was one of my best word friends, but we had to part ways
outstanding, decent, and out of this world are my better choices now.
Good is no longer good enough.
Now it's all about, cheerful, blissful, and exultant !
I can't just say happy anymore
Now I can say stellar, fabulous, and outstanding!
Good is overrated
Now I can say, extraordinary, blast, amazing and, awesome.
Fun was all used to say,
Now I will use yelled, shouted, and inquired
We are so sorry we used you so much! BooooHOooooo! Good bye fond friends!
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