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The Art of Fiction

No description

Jennifer Ladanyi

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of The Art of Fiction

The Art of Fiction: Close Analysis, Style, and the Novel
Seminar Leader- Maria Fackler, Davidson College
Seminar Coordinator- Jennifer Ladanyi, Bailey Middle School

Content is the arbiter of form in that new content leads to experiments in fiction
How do we make sense of novelist Martin Amis's assertion that "Style is morality"? How can literary innovation respond to ethical questions?
Discourses that the novel can absorb (example of Saturday by Ian McEwan)
Eloise with a Z
How can this seminar benefit you?
This seminar can align with the Common Core standards for your subject. When I first read the description of the seminar, I could easily see how this would help my students succeed on their EOGs or EOCs. We will be examining the practice of close reading and strategies for the analysis of an author's style.
Who can take this seminar?
Everyone!! It does not matter which subject or grade level you teach, you will use close passage analysis in your content. Whether you use fiction, nonfiction, drama or poetry, you reinforce students' skills in close passage analysis. Close analysis can be used by students when reading a textbook. Social studies/History teachers can use historical fiction and primary source materials to add more depth to the textbook. Science teachers can use fiction to reinforce scientific concepts that students are learning in the classroom.
Close Analysis
Courses that I teach at Davidson and possible units in the seminar, including gossip, desire, avant-garde fiction, beyond prince charming, and thinking girls, thinking boys
Close reading as detective work
Exploring strategies of close reading (the example of Jane Austen's Emma Woodhouse)
Key concepts and theories that accompany and structure close reading
What can we close read? Fiction and non-fiction.
Resource sharing
Van Gogh, The Novel Reader
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