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Corby Malone

on 25 September 2013

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Bubble 1: Contents
Bubble 2: Problems
Bubble 3: Sub Questions
Bubble 4: Causes
Bubble 5: Solution
Bubble 6: Viewpoints
Bubble 7: Reflections
Bubble 8: Bibliography
- It is a very harmful pollution to the environment, animals and humans.
- Radioactive materials can create deadly weapons
-It is highly toxic
- They use big power plants to create radioactive materials that leak into the ocean
How does radioactive pollution harm us?
What effects does radioactive pollution have on the environment?
When the soil is contaminated by any type of radioactive substance it can effect a plants growth and can also mutate the plant, they may die after eating this radioactive substance. This effects the rest of the food web because plants are at the bottom of the food chain. By eating a contaminated plant e.g the fruit exposes you to heath risks as well as other animals.
- The environment is suffering from the toxic waste
- Some countries have too many radioactive weapons for example America
-Humans may get skin burn or cancer, decrease in life span or genetic changes through radioactive substances
What is Radioactive Pollution?
How can we stop radioactive pollution altogether?
By Corby Malone 8TD/ RM 30
-We could ban all radioactive materials altogether
- Instead of making it toxic we could try to make it environmental friendly
- We could protest about radioactive materials and get all nuclear power plants shut down

Thanks for watching.
-Buzzle.what effects does radioactive pollution have on environment. 17 December 2012
-Hub pages. what is radioactive pollution. 11 August 2011
-Merit students encyclopedia v15. pg 472-475
-Wikipedia. radioactive pollution, 23rd August 2013
- World book radioactive pollution, 2013
Radioactive pollution harms humans by giving us: skin burns, cancer, shortened life span and genetic changes. It also effects the environment, which sooner or later will harm humans.

Well we could out law radioactive materials altogether, we could protest about them making radioactive materials,and we could also force them to shut down all nuclear power plants. These reasons are just a few of my ideas.
My topic was radioactive pollution and through searching up info on my topic, I learnt how it is not only harmful to humans and the environment but also other living things. I found out that one little contaminated plant can effect the whole food chain. I feel that people need to be aware of the effects of radioactive pollution and to get behind protests about what is happening to the environment and ways to stop it. I found that when one power plant leaks into the environment thousands of things die. I learnt that even if you were mining uranium you still can get cancer or se skin burns. I think we should ban radioactive materials altogether and shut down all power plants. I found out how to use prezi and DropBox. So that is some of the things I learnt through out this assignment.
My personal viewpoint about radioactive pollution: is that it is a very horrible and nasty thing, like one atomic bomb could just wipe out Auckland in one go. Nuclear power plants when they leak they kill thousands of things.
Greg Malone: I believe individual countries need to take far more responsibility for the safe handle and care of anything radioactive. The recent disaster in Japan is a good example of this where their lack of decent controls have potentially caused the polution of our seas and fish we eat.
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