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Reny Ferrari- STE I Spring 2015

No description

Reny Ferrari

on 14 August 2015

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Transcript of Reny Ferrari- STE I Spring 2015

Reny Ferrari
Student Teaching Experience I
Spring 2015

Practicum Site

Earl Boyles Elementary School
Focus Child
AEPS Assessment Results 3-6 years
Group Activity Plan
Individual Activity Plan

Shared Storybook Reading activity utilizing a speech-generating device, book, and book communication board.

Goals and Objectives
How to reach goals and objectives:

"Facilitating the growth of on-the-ground projects that demonstrate the effectiveness of linking high-quality early childhood education with the elementary years and beyond"
Early Works Site
Three new preschools and neighborhood center in partnership with The Children's Institute, MECP, Head Start
Culturally diverse community
Practicum Site
4 children on IFSPs
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Communication Disorder
Developmental Delay
Traumatic Brain Injury
Children 3-5 years-old
Inclusive Environment
15 children in both morning and afternoon classes
11 typically developing children
IDEA Categories Represented:
Lead Teacher
Educational Assistant
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
Speech-Language Pathologist
Mental Health Specialist
Traumatic Brain Injury Specialist
AT Specialist
5 years-old
Born with unilateral cleft palate
Hearing difficulties
Eligibility: Communication (Expressive and Receptive)
Services: Private SLP, MECP SLP 2X a week, SLPA 1x a week, PSU uLab consultation and iPad Mini with Touch Chat Speech-Generating Device
Shared Storybook Reading
Small Group Activity
"My Bug"
Touch Chat Activity Board
Personal Reflection
-Gained insight into my strengths and areas to improve on as a teacher
-Learned and observed the collaborative professional relationships that occur in this environment
-As a lead teacher it is necessary to balance the environment, delegate, and advocate
-Knowledge of resources
and one day at a time mentality
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