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How To Read Body Language

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Allysn Marple

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of How To Read Body Language

-The first person to look away in an introduction is the more submissive.

-A person's eyes dilate strongly when they are in a problem solving mode. At maximum dilation, the person is ready to make a decision which is more likely to be positive.

-Constricted eyes are a sign of a challenge.

-The most threatening look is achieved by moving narrowed eyes toward a person with little to no body movement.

-If a person's blink rate increases and strong eye contact is maintained, they are likely lying.

-An eyebrow raise is a sign that a person is not threatening. When you "eye brow raise" someone they will often smile.

-Raising the eyebrows also can ask for attention from others and can signal general emphasis.
-You can check to see that a smile is sincere by checking for wrinkles at the sides of the eyes.

-People who smile are more persuasive.

-Laughter has more to do with bonding than humor.

Yawning is used by people to build rapport and avoid aggression. -The eight different handshake characteristics: completeness of grip, temperature, dryness, strength, duration, vigor, texture, and eye contact.

-When first meeting a person, shake hands with strong eye contact and give them at least 3 seconds to look you over uninterrupted.

-To build strong rapport, look individuals in the eyes for 60 to 70% of the time you are together.

-An equal handshake, in which both people shake in a vertical manor, with equal pressure, is the best way to generate good rapport.
-A valuable clue to whether a person is being open and honest is whether they are showing their palms or not. Honesty = palms displayed.

-Pointing at a person is one of the most annoying gestures.

-A shoulder shrug represents disregard or ignorance.

-If a person rubs their hands slowly, they are showing that they expect results just for themselves.

-Hands clenched in front of a person means that they are holding back a negative reaction.

-When you fold your arms, you lose credibility.

-Arms crossed with thumbs turned up shows that the person is warming up to you.

-Never ask a person to make a decision if they have their arms crossed. -Information you gain by studying leg and feet positioning is extremely useful because people have little control over them.

-This is why most meetings only feel comfortable if people have their legs hidden by a table or desk.

-To get a person to unlock themselves, ask positive questions that get them to tell you what they are feeling.

-Another tip is to offer hot coffee or tea. Drinking a hot beverage makes it difficult to remain crossed up without burning yourself. Demonstrations! Scenario 1 By: Allysn N. Marple Why Does It Matter? Professionally: Personally: When building and maintaining client relationships, it is key to pick up on cues.

Being mindful of our body language can help us be more approachable and professional. Understanding body language can help us better sense the feelings and thoughts of friends and family. Questions? Body Language Note: This video was intentionally chosen due to the diverse language. Don't listen, watch!
Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Display eye and hand language that indicates truthfulness and vulnerability. Display a sincere smile. What does the man's body language indicate? EYES: EYEBROWS: GESTURES: ARMS: SMILES & LAUGHTER: YAWN: CROSSED LEGS: CONTROL & COMFORT: PERFECT HANDSHAKE: NOTEWORTHY: Looking back on the video at the beginning, do you agree with your assessment of his body language? Would you add any remarks?
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