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Globalisation and Modernity (Sociology A2)

AQA A2 Sociology revision tool

shannon robbins

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Globalisation and Modernity (Sociology A2)

Globalisation and modernity.
Their are 4 main characteristics that distinguish modern society with traditional society:
Technological changes - Transport, Internet, global media etc.
Economic changes- Takes place over a set of global networks and is electronic. The largest 500 companies produce over half of the whole worlds commodities.
Political changes- Undermines the power of the nation state.
Changes in culture and identity- Transnational corporations, spread of western culture across the globe.
Final Destination
Our lives are no longer shaped by a nation but by a global framework due to the increasing interconnectedness of people across national boundaries.
Final Destination
Final Destination
Final Destination
Modern Society
Nation state: a bounded territory ruled by a powerful centralised state, whose population usually shares the same language and culture.
Capitalism: Societies with a distinct class system that are based on private ownership of the means of production and the use of wage labourers.
Rationality, science and technology: In today's society we tend to use logic, scientific ways of thinking dominant our choices rather than us being guided by religion. We use science to describe the world now not religion.
Individualism: We have more personal freedom and the ability to create our own identity. However sometimes we are limited by structural inequalities e.g. social class.
Reasons for globalisation...
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