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Copy of Science Investigatory Project (Group 7)

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Joel Sinaga

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Science Investigatory Project (Group 7)

Group 7 & 11
7 - St. Therese Science Investigatory Project THE SODIS
METHOD Can the SODIS method
be used to purify water? Problem: This study is created for the point of getting the information on whether the SODIS method is effective or not. This being done by our group so that we may seek other possibilities is making water drinkable other from those of which machines are needed. If we pursue this, we would then find another possible way in purifying water - a much more natural way. And this study is not only based on being eco-friendly but we also strive to learn the effectiveness of this method and with this we could slowly but surely help out other people by spreading the word about this certain method. Purpose of the study: Scope and Limitations: Our project proved the fact that our hypothesis from the start of this project was right. It was stated there that we believed that it was effective in purifying water. This was proven by the laboratory testing which basically stated that no harmful microorganisms could be found in the water samples. Group 7 and 11
7 - Saint Therese Science Investigatory Project Problem: Our project involves the use of the sun as a source of energy. To make this a specific project, this would only be done with the help of the sun as a power source and nothing else would be used as any other source of energy.

This project would only check on the effectiveness of the SODIS method and the SODIS method alone.

No more and no less than what is in the coverage of our project. Methodology: In this project you would be needing only a few items such as:

Sanitize the source of which
the water would be coming from. THE STEPS: Collect the water sample. Send the sample to a laboratory to be tested. Results and Findings:
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