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Bill Gates

No description

Rachel Yoo

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Bill Gates

Personal Life
Competitive, generous, rebellious, spendthrift
He was sued quite a number of times
Didn't have much of a social life because he was so dedicated to his work
Achievements of

Bill Gates

Bill Gates has so much money that if he were to spend a million a day, it would take him 218 years to spend all his money.
Bill Gates
Birth- October 28, 1955 Seattle, Washington
Parents-William H. Gates Senior and Mary Maxwell
Helping the World
1. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation focuses on helping many countries in need
Siblings-Kristianne(older) and
Libby (younger)Gates
Bill Gates attended Lakeside, a private preparatory school on the north perimeter of Seattle, then later Harvard University.
2. Microsoft was able to build a lasting empire. Windows, Office and Internet Explorer are used around the world
He had a very competitive family that taught him "reward for winning, penalty for losing"
Bill and his co-worker had a hard time managing their new company--they worked hard and built wonderful computers
Because he was young, people took him as inexperienced and immature--he showed them his talents and quickly impressed a lot of people.
Mary Maxwell(Gates) was diagnosed with breast cancer and died in 1994--he took a small break from work and learned some different perspectives on life.
Bill Gates got a 1590 out 1600 on the SAT's, yet he never got a college degree.
Bill Gates was dubbed into knighthood by the queen of England in 2005 for donating so much time and money to the poor.
Bill Gates gave almost 2 billion dollars away in money to charity within one year. And, he convinced other billionaires to do the same.
Charity: Bill Gates saved roughly six million lives through vaccines and other medicines.
Convincing skills: Bill Gates convinced many rich people including Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet (who donated 31 billion dollars all at one time.) to donate their money
If Bill Gates never existed, many things wouldn't have been created, including:
-Apple Macbooks would not have existed; Bill wrote the program for them.
- Microsoft's products, including X-Box 360, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Windows, and possibly personal computers!
- Tens of millions of children would have died if not for Bill, who donated billions of dollars.
-The world would be missing a wonderful leader
This is an important quote because
It proves the fact that being smart or talented
will not
bring you success. It is only those who
who will gain more perspective and intellect.
Bill Gates was a very intelligent man who has improved our world with technology. Not only has he enhanced our world, but he donated a lot of money to people in need; providing food, vaccines, clothing, and many other helpful resources. He put the lives of others before his own selfish desires. This is a very valuable lesson that teaches many not to be selfish, and to change the world.
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