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Tusons Part 1

about the two sons who had the chance to live..

Tusons tt

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of Tusons Part 1

There is a well known story in the Bible about two sons. It is narrated by Jesus in Luke 15:11-32
The younger son is notably known as the prodigal son.
The younger son lived a messed up life which he was responsible for.
The older son was not the notorious one but something in him seems not right either...
He does not seem to be a good son.
We see a Father who longs for a real relationship with both His sons.
He loves you irrespective of your religion or background.
our heavenly father and He made us.
The air we breathe, food we eat, water we drink are gift from in the first place
No matter what religion or philosophy we follow we are responsible to live right before Him
All human race falls into two categories like the two sons
One category, like the older son thinks they are doing Okay.
They don't harm anyone and live as good citizens.
They think they are pleasing God and therefore can earn heaven
The other group of people know that they have messed up and no matter how hard they try are unable to meet God's standards.
To which category do you belong?
Hello, I am

Mr. unlucky
I try to do a lot of good but doesn't seem like I can please God.
I have messed up a lot and still do.
I don't think that I can ever reach God's holy standards.
younger son category
God is..
"I try to do good most of the time and hope to get some credit for the right things I do"
"I am not perfect but maybe the good things I do can recompense the bad things I do"
See PART 2
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