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Guided Reading 29.3.17

No description

Ben Massey

on 29 March 2017

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Transcript of Guided Reading 29.3.17

Guided Reading
End of Key Stage Expectations
Lesson Structure
National Curriculum Assessments
PM Benchmarks (if there's time and bubbling enthusiasm!)
Key Stage 1 Expectations
National Curriculum Assessments
Paper 1
Paper 2
Lesson Structure
Lesson Structure
Text Introduction:
(Look at cover/blurb. Discuss relevant experiences or similar books read. Discuss the type of book. Look at any tricky words in the book, discuss meanings and maybe note them down.)
Strategy Check:
(Introduce the session’s main objective, give examples and discuss.)
(Pick out and discuss words relevant to this week’s learning. EG: ‘How would we spell ‘hoot’? While reading, look out for words that use the ‘oo’ grapheme and note them down.)
Lesson Structure
Returning to/ Response to the Text:
(Questions to be asked during one-to-one reading and at the end of the session.)
Independent Reading:
(Children reading independently to an agreed point in the book with an objective-related task to carry out. Teacher listening to each child as the others read.)
Follow up independent task:
(Introduce a simple, objective related task for children to carry out in the next session.)
Which follow-up tasks are working well?
What kind of activities are children in other groups doing?
Any advice?
Can be difficult to get done!
Needs to focus on the Curriculum.
Needs to be relevant.
can help! (Sorry!)
KS1 past SATs paper for Y1 in Summer Term
Last up: PM Benchmarks
That's all folks!
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