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My AutoBiography

about my life

Jadie Wadie

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of My AutoBiography

My Roots
My mom is Jennifer Ann McMullin. My dad is Jason Lamar McDonald.
Jennifer- mom- Pamela McMullin-sister-Jilly McMullin-nece-Lilly Marie McMullin
Jason-mom- Delisa Tinnin(Hardin)-dad- James McDonald-brothers- James Lamar McDonald (Jr), Johnattan Matlock, Brandon Murray, & Phillip Levere Tinnin Jr.-step dad-Phillip Levere Tinnin Sr.-new-baby brother/sister
First Grade
for first grade i went to holiday montessori, at first i thought i was going to a little no-body, but i wasn't, everybody loved me, i just wanted to be known.
Kansas City, MO
I live in Kansas City, Missouri with my mom and sometimes my grandma and papa. my dad lives with friends or his girlfriend, who is really nice he really doesn't have a real job that pays child support.

So far this school year has been one of the best. i say that because i got these new and cccrrraaazzzyyy teachers(ms.farr & ms.rhinehardt) who is really hard not to love. if you dont then you must be getting bad grades in there class (which is not good at all). i also made new best friends like iyanla perkins, essence pearson, and tamya gibson.
New Little Cousinsss
The first little cousin that came was Malicin and Cison,Lilly Marie McMullin, Davion MCclanahan,Brianna Murray, Caiden McDonald, Jailah McDonald, & Johanna Daniel Matlock. <3
5th grader
Was a great year because of things that you would never expect like seeing your uncle, when it has been almost 4 years. having really good grades and beeing able to get away from the crazy teachers.
3rd Grader
This is where i live
I live at 7825 *******
This is my grandma's & papa's house
At 5018 ********
My AutoBiography
By : Me
And thats my AutoBiography
that was the year that i came to university academy, in 2008. thats where i made all my new friends to be. thats when i started to set my goals and dreams.
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