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thing that i love

No description

Inge gevers

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of thing that i love

things that i love by Inge things that i like to cook why i like to cook if you don't know Glee club tap stretch and strengthen what classes I do What he likes Dali's point of view What people think of him Dali my dog :) Dali likes lots of things like food, treats, games, hugs and cuddles at night, and he LOVES he's walks the fresh clean air in the mornings and the dark misty air in the night. and he always sees he's friends and has lots of fun! We named Dali after Salvador Dali because he has got the little beard and mustache some people think he looks like shone connery. most people think he is a fun-loving playful friendly dog who loves to run around and give lots of licks. food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, food, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, walk, cuddles, cuddles, cuddles, and a huge part for my family. :) I stared tap because i wanted to do something different and i thought tap would be really fun its true, every move you make has a tap and that tap can be a wonderful if you get it right and once you put it together sounds great and you feel great (plus the shoes look cool :D). its like i said before about being flexible being fix and strength i like doing that class because its gets you more fit for sport of other things and it gets you fit for the consents, yes we have consents and that's the best part of the year, showing of your great talent. you know glee club isn't just singing its also acting and lots of fun. first we work on worming up our voices and playing some acting games, then we work on our song we each get a part in the song and you don't have to be afraid because you will be trained to hit the right notes. i like to cook lots of things manly desserts but sometimes i might cook a bit of dinner. the desserts i like to cook cakes, cupcakes, meringues and other sweet things. If you didn't know on the weekends when i get bored or if i have nothing to do i would like to get a little bit creative and do some cooking with my mum or by myself. its quite fun and at the end you get a home made reward :) :D i like to cook because its a fun way to kill some time and for some people it can be a fun subject at high school plus when your older and you live on your own you can cook something that is healthy delicious and if your really in to it you might go into a comp or give some recipes to your friends or family. I do tap, glee club and stretch and strengthen at a professional academy culled the dream academy. i'm sure you don't what stretch and strengthen is so let me tell you what stretch and strengthen is, its a class to build up your strength, be more flexible and get more fit. (about me)
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