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Hip Hip Onset and Rime

Team C RDG410 phonics

Heather Reardon

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Hip Hip Onset and Rime

University of Phoenix JoAnna Racuya Hip Hop Onset and Rime The teacher will play the song "Let's Make Words" by Jack Hartmann.
Students are to follow the directions and sing along.
Next the teacher will play the song "Lets Make Words (open)" by Jack Hartmann.
The teacher will choose the onset and rime. Students will sing the correct word.After enough hip-hopping have the students sit on the carpet and the teacher writes down the words they made on chart paper. Have students identify the onset and rime of each. Circle the onset in one color. Underline the rime in a different color. To make this activity a little harder have the students take turns giving the onset and rime instead of the teacher.
For lower level students use simple, two phoneme words such as at, it, is, to.
For students with sensory issues play the music quietly and make it a whisper game. Created by Team C
Heather Reardon
Victoria Mcintyre
Allison Miller Anticipatory Set Easy /c/ /ow/ = cow
/c/ /at/ = cat
/d/ /uck/ = duck
/d/ /og/ = dog
/f/ /an/ = fan
/g/ /irl/ = girl
/h/ /and/ = hand
/j/ /am/ = jam Difficult /ch/ /air/ = chair
/th/ /is/ = this
/tr/ /ick/ = trick
/pl/ /ease/ = please
/br/ /ick/ = brick
/th/ /ump/ = thump
/ch/ /urch/ = church Objective Procedure Differentiated Instruction When given a spoken onset and rime the student will blend them into a word with 80% accuracy. Materials Jack Hartmann song Florida Sunshine State Standards Subject Grade Language Arts/Reading Kindergarten Standard: Standard 2: Phonological Awareness The student demonstrates phonological awareness. Benchmark: LA.K.1.2.4 The student will identify, blend, and segment onset and rime. Tell the students we will be dancing to /h/ /ip/ /h/ /op/. Lets Make Words Jack Hartmann Hip Hop AlphaBop 2 Chart paper Markers Chorus:
Hip-Hop with your hands — What!
Hip-Hop with your head — Yo!
Hip-Hop with your hips — What!
Hip-Hop and make words — Like this!
Put your hands in the air
Boys and Girls
Left to right
Let's make words
When I say /d/ You say "uck"
When I say /d/ You say "uck"
d-uck d-uck
Together we've got "duck."
When I say... Individual Practice Independent practice materials paper
markers Have the students draw a picture and label it. (suggest 3-4 four letter words with one syllable)
Students will underline the onset and circle the rime. Go over the vocabulary "onset" and "rime". Give some examples. March 11, 2013
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