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Got Leadership

Andrea Fabillaran and Brandon Nguyen

Andrea Fabillaran

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Got Leadership

Got Leadership? Andrea Fabillaran and Brandon Nguyen FIND the Leader IN YOU HELP THE COMMUNITY BUILD GREAT FRIENDSHIPS AND HAVE FUN :) From rallies, parades, carnivals, breakfasts, and sports games, leadership helps in one way or another. Build leadership skills by heading a committee to plan an event or look over other aspects of the school, like publicity or student/staff recognition. Test the leader in you and work on logistics and time management, on top of the other things going on in your life. If you're looking to become a greater leader or simply want to take part in planning events for the student body, leadership is just for you! In leadership, we do many things to help the community. For example, we hold the Jack Emery Drive, where we encourage the school to donate cans and other goods to help feed the less fortunate. We also do community service, like going to the senior center and bonding with the senior citizens. Not only does it put a smile on their faces, but we get a good feeling and have fun from it too. Oh yeah, not to mention we sweep the school and pick up trash from time to time. Sometimes leadership can be stressful, but there's always a way to have fun. Whether it's playing music in the classroom and dancing, or getting to know your fellow ASB-ers at events, leadership exemplifies the saying "Work hard now, play even harder later." Be the first to know about spirit days and dress up, or plan events that you know the whole school will have fun at. In leadership, you'll have a say in what's fun and cool for the school. Also, you get to meet great people and even build friendships with people you would probably least expect. Leadership may take a lot of energy in you, but in the end, the satisfaction of knowing that you did something good for the school, always puts a smile on your face. WE WANT YOU!
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