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Interspecies and Intraspecies Competition

No description

Aiden Million

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Interspecies and Intraspecies Competition

Interspecific and Intraspecific Competition By: Aiden and Tara Definition: Intraspecific Competition Interspecific Competition Example 2: Cheetahs and Lions Definition Example 1 Example 2 Interspecific competition: the competition between individuals belonging to different species in an ecosystem for the same resource. Example 1: In a dense forest Both species feed on the same prey, so this is an example of interspecific competition as each will be negatively impacted by the fact that the other is there, because they will have less food for themselves. Intraspecific competition is the competition for the same resources but between members of the same species. It is also the major factor defining the carrying capacity of a population. There are also two different kinds of intraspecific competition interference and non-interference competition. An example of intraspecific competition is in grasshoppers. Because they all depend on the the same resources, there is competition. They compete for food and this is therefore an example of non-interference, as they don't come into physical contact with one another but still negatively affect the amount of food available for each individual. An example of interference competition is in blackbirds, because they are territorial animals they directly compete with one another for space. If there are a lot of trees in one area and one species of tree grows taller than the surrounding ones it will absorb more of the sunlight, this means that less sunlight will be available for the trees of other species that are shaded by the taller tree.
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