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How can you make our school a better place?

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Andrea Hardwick

on 10 March 2016

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Transcript of How can you make our school a better place?

How can you make our school a better place?
Cycle ONE: "SHaping UP"

Generate and Plan
1. List as many ideas as you can think of that will make this school a better place.
Shaping UP:
Generate and Plan

2. Now let's make a class list!
Shaping UP:
Generate and Plan

3. Make a choice. Which idea do you MOST want to write about? Which idea do you think will make the biggest difference in your school day?
Shaping UP:
Free writing and Drafting

1. How do you want to begin?
Does a web sound good?

Let's create a Web to organize our thoughts.
Shaping up:
Free Writing and Drafting

2. Begin Writing!!!
Shaping up:
Revising and Shaping

All done???

1. Share your Doc with at least two other classmates.

"Shaping up" and Getting Ready to "Ship OuT":
Revising and Shaping

2. What suggestions did they have?

3. Use their suggestions to improve your bill.

"Shipping out":
Edit and Proofread
1. Now that you have improved your bill for content... Share your DOC with a couple new readers to double check your spelling and grammar.
Poor Grammar will KILL your bill.
Assessing and Publishing

1. Double check your bill ONE more time.

2. If you are sure you are ready....

Print it and bring your bill to class tomorrow for committees to begin the selection process.

Are you ready to "ship out?"
What NOW? My BILL passed committee?
Get ready... Your bill made the finals, but only one bill can pass our class vote.

How do I get my Bill to pass?
All your hard work can pay off!

We got locks the girls restroom last year....
What will 2016 Bring????
It's all up to you?!?!?!

What ideas do you have?
Now it's time to head back to the
"shape up"

How can you improve your bill so it can pass the class vote? Use committee suggestions to make your bill even stronger!!!

"Writing is never finished, only abandoned
-Paul Valery

"Revision makes you smarter"

Let's work together to "ship Out" a winning Bill!!!
HORNET pride!!!
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