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Week 4: Rockets and Planes

Group 4

Darin Gray

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of Week 4: Rockets and Planes

See how the water bottle fly's
Make a plan for how we want to make the bottle rocket
Test the rocket and time the height while looking for necessary adjustments
Make the adjustments and timing on the arduino
Week 4: Airplanes and Rockets
Principles and Engineering We Used
Aerospace Engineering
The project involved building and designing object to fly
Thrust, Lift, Drag, and Weight
These are different forces that are acted on a plane
Our Roles
Austin - Glider and Plane
Johnny - Arduino
Roberto - Glider and Plane
Ryan - Bottle Rocket and Model Rocket
Sena - Bottle Rocket and Model Rocket

Successes and Obstacles
Pieces Breaking due to crashes during tests
Releasing of Glider
Timing on Arduino
steering plane
How We Could Improve
Make tighter and more stable rudders and connections
Become more skilled at flying
Make a better glider release system that also grips the glider better
more stable model rocket design so the rocket would go higher and the parachutes would have time to deploy
Learn the different physics that are involved in flying
Split up into three different groups
Think of different designs that we want
Make and tests first designs
Make adjustments on the plane, the rocket, and on timing the parachute
Final flight
RC Plane
Look at the instructions on paper and on the video to see how to build the plane
Begin to build plane by following instructions but also making our own adjustments
Finish and practice flying the plane
Repair the plane and change the rudder positions for a smoother flight
Fly final model of plane
Used our time very efficiently
Made a concrete plan and followed it
Became extremely skilled in doing loops with the plane
Parachutes successfully deployed on bottle rocket
Lessons We Learned
Following already established designs are not always the better designs (airplane)
Three fins are tricky to do just right and usually result in spinning and loss of height
easily replaceable parts are a huge saver of time and resources
How we would start differently
Use a four fin design
Incorporate some of our own design into the plane to try and make it more stable and reliable
Take some flying lessons
Consecrate on getting the elevator and ailerons set perfectly
Secure the glider to the bottle rocket better
Group 4 Project
First Bottle Rocket Test
First Plane Test
Final Plane Test
Best Plane Landing
Failing to take out Professor Gray
Final Test (Different Angle)
Thanks For a Great Month Professor Gray
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