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NRF Workshop: Facebook for Recruiters

In this 30 minute webinar we will walk you through the steps you need to take to create a great looking, interactive Facebook Page that you can use to promote your employer brand and advertise your vacancies.

Jonathan Campbell

on 4 October 2011

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Transcript of NRF Workshop: Facebook for Recruiters

through Content Facebook Pages should not duplicate your Careers Page or Job Boards
What is your strategy? Sourcing Talent, Employer Branding or both?
Use Facebook Ads only to Seed
Use email, widgets and off-line to Promote
Ask & Tell: Engagement drives Growth
Invest time in your Content; measure & innovate
Promote on other Facebook Pages
Respond quickly to Comments & Post
Convert!!!! Turn leads into hires/ placements Here's what we will cover: jonathan@socialtalent.co
+353 1 615 7014
@recruiterblog Jonathan Campbell Facebook:
2nd most popular
30m People in the UK
50% of the population
36 mins per day
18-24 yr olds: 39%
You only pay for Advertising Why Facebook? Who's Using it.
How to search Facebook
Facebook Recruitment Apps
How to create a Facebook Page
Page Apps for Recruiters
How to promote your Page
The New Facebook
Engagement Strategies LinkedIn:
12th most popular
7.6m people in the UK
12% of the population
6 mins per day
18-24 yr olds: 18%
You pay for Everything Why Facebook? Social Recruiting
Workshop Searching Facebook: Privacy Settings
Incomplete Profiles Search Filters
"Find Friends"
Advanced Search 2.2 App
X-Ray Search Recruitment Apps: Creating a Facebook Page: facebook.com/pages Page Apps
for Recruiters: Promoting your Page: Social Plugins
Claim your Username
Connect Twitter
Import 5,000 Contacts
FB Advertising (Paid)
Email Signature
Email Marketing
Link on LinkedIn EdgeRank: The NEW Facebook: The Ticker The New Timeline New Profile & Timeline Users Have More Control
"Likes" are not as important
Requires True Engagement EdgeRank Importance: Shares
Likes Video
Text/ Links Do not Use 3rd Party Apps to Post/ Schedule
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