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Robert Delaunay

No description

Morteza Nayebi

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Robert Delaunay

Robert Delaunay worked in Paris, France as a designer of stage scenery, he served an apprenticeship with a theatrical designer from 1902 to 1904.
Robert came under the influence of various art designs/techniques, Cubism/Orphism in general and worked as a cubist painter.
He also worked as a printmaker and writer. Robert Delaunay died on October 25,1941 from lung cancer at the age of 56 in Montipellier, France Robert Delaunay uses oil paints,abstract and wax. He paints based on his moods,feelings,vision,etc. He paints most of his art by blending different colours like warm and cool colours and by rhythm and objects. A popular theme he uses in his work are buildings, The Eiffel Tower in general. His inspirations are the Futurists,Americans,Paul Klee,The Blaue Reiter group,Morgan Russell,Macdonald Wright,Patrick Bruce,Franz Marc and Lyonel Feininger. Robert Delaunay's personal reflections for his style/work are "Direct observation of the luminous essence of nature is for me indispensable" for his art piece "The Joy of Life". This reflection is common to most of his art work nature-related. A popular quote of his art work is "Vision is the true creative rhythm". Robert Delaunay create's his art by techniques. He creates his art by movement,vision,expressions,shapes,nature,buildings,rhythm,etc. Robert Delaunay uses most of his techniques because they give him a sense of idea's and motions. Most of his technique's are unique and creative which is why he uses them. A major technique is nature, a big influence to him Piece#1 Robert Delaunay
By:Morteza Nayebi Body of Work Robert Delaunay's famous eiffel tower cubist
painting Five interesting facts Robert Delaunay's work was an inspiration for the Futurists in Italy and the American Synchronizes. He took part in the Art Deco Exhibition in the 1920's

During the first world war, he moved to Portugal then to Spain where he worked with Diaghilev

Roberts painting, "The Eifell Tower" received great acclaim in 1910, in 1912 his "City of Paris" caused a sensation at the Salon des Independents

Moving back to Paris in the 1920's he collaborated with Leger in the Art Deco Exhibition and worked in set designs on a number of films.

In 1938 with the help of his wife, Sonia and others he decorated the Tuileries Salon where he created three enormous rhythms.

Robert Delaunay was invited to join the famous art group "Der Blaue Reiter" and he did "The Joy of Life" Warm and cool colours are blended in this piece. He paints various shapes like circles,rectangle and triangles. He uses strides to paint the shapes. The medium used in this piece is abstract. This work was in style of the Neo-Impressionists. This piece of art is a good example of Robert's stlye because it is abstract art (one of his popular medium). He painted it from his mood and shapes, a major technique used by Robert Delaunay. I like how the shapes are all clumped together, forming larger shapes. I like how he uses the colours in a pattern. I also like the strides because i can visually see the calmness. Price:$37.99 Piece#2 "Rhythm Color" Price:$56.99 Robert Delaunay uses neon colors to form brightness in this piece. He uses strides going up in half circles. The medium used in this piece is abstract. He painted this piece based on rhythm. This is a good example of Robert's style because rhythm is a major style in his life. He painted this based on his feelings and shapes. I like this piece of art because I see it as a musical note since its based on rhythm. I like the neon colors in this piece and i like how the shape's go up in halves. Piece#3 "La Tour Rouge" Price:$81.99 In this piece, Robert uses abstract art style. His brush stroke is dabbing of shapes. He paints blurry shapes clumped together. He blends warm and cool colours. Warm colours are on the sides and cool colours are in the centre. This piece of art is a good example of Robert's particular style because it shows a happy and depressing mood. He paints bright and dark shapes as a pattern. This piece also relates to vision (a major style). I like how he puts the warm colours and cool colours in a pattern, the dabbing stroke, and how it's formed as a frame. Early life Robert Delaunay was born on
April 12, 1885 in Paris, France
Price:$37,463 Style:Orphism Style:Orphism Style:Orphism Bibliography www.art.com
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