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TACON2014 - BALEAP Competency Framework as Teacher Development Tool

Using the BALEAP Competency Framework for Teachers of EAP as a tool for teacher development. Examine your own practice and knowledge in relation to the framework and research your own classroom

Nick Moore

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of TACON2014 - BALEAP Competency Framework as Teacher Development Tool

Nick Moore
Are You a Competent EAP Teacher?
Using the BALEAP Competencies Framework for EAP Teacher Development
What is an EAP teacher?
How do you know if you have seen a good one?
How can a good EAP teacher become better?

Are You a Competent EAP Teacher?
How is EAP different to ELT?
Which teaching techniques best suit EAP?
How important is discourse analysis to EAP?
How far can commercial teaching materials improve our students' academic English?
What cultural factors make a difference to EAP classes?
How different are ESL and EFL contexts in EAP?
When should ESAP take over from EGAP?
The competencies have not been tested
The competencies need a test drive

What do the Signs Tell us?
EAP remains largely under-researched
Very few research funds exist for EAP, & almost none in EFL/EMI contexts
Research does not have to be large-scale to make a difference
Action Research projects are often taken seriously
Nobody knows your context & its issues better than you
What are you waiting for?
Let's Take a Journey of Discovery
Further down the road...
Network of EAP teachers using competencies framework
Research projects
Adaptations & changes to the framework
A BALEAP Professional Issues Meeting
Sheffield Hallam University
Saturday, 29th November 2014
Teacher education models as applied to EAP teacher development
The path from EFL to EAP teaching
The status of EAP within and across universities
Teacher reflection as a foundation of EAP development
TEAP course development
Teacher beliefs within an EAP context
Preparing to teach on pre-sessional English courses
Working with the BALEAP competencies framework
Coming to terms with academic grammar and style
Ideologies for teaching EAP
Call for proposals of 250 - 300 words on all areas of teacher education in EAP
Send proposals to k.nicholls@shu.ac.uk
Deadline for proposals: 19th September 2014. Confirmation of proposal acceptance by 7th October 2014
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