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Calming Down Anger

4th grade lesson 12

Annie Brumitt

on 4 January 2016

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Transcript of Calming Down Anger

Last week we saw Maia use a stop signal and name her feelings to help herself start to calm down.
Then we'll talk about how once you are calm, you can begin to think about addressing the problem that caused the strong emotions,
Today we're going to talk about specific ways to calm down.
What step is going to come next in our learning?
Today you're going to continue learning about and practicing ways to Calm Down.
After you stop and name your feeling, you need to figure out what you can do to calm down and deal with the problem.
That's what we'll be working on today: specific techniques for calming down.
The next video continues last week's story about Maia.
Watch what Maia does to calm down, and see what steps she uses.
Calming Down Anger
Let's watch a video to help us remember how to calm down.
Then we saw Maia use three specific ways to calm down. WHAT WERE THEY?
Why should Maia even want to calm down?
THINK about why she shouldn't just let herself get out of control with anger.
How do you need to breathe for it to really calm you down?
Maia counted forward from one, but you can count other ways too.
Can anyone think of a way to count that could help you calm down?
We heard Maia say some positive things to herself to calm down.
What things did she say?
This is called positive self-talk.
Think of one or two positive things you could say to yourself when you're feeling MAD.
Turn and tell your partner.
Once you're calm, you can ask yourself: What should I do?
Let's watch and see what Maia does.
THINK about the ways Maia stood up for herself without making the situation worse.
What did she DO or NOT DO to make this situation come out okay?
Turn and tell your partner your ideas.
Sometimes the solution is simple, and you will know just what to do.
Sometimes the problem is more complicated.
You might need to do some problem solving. We'll learn more about problem-solving skills in a few weeks.
Now we are going to practice deep breathing like Maia did.
You are going to jog in place for 30 seconds. Wait until I say go!
Okay, everyone sit down and close your eyes or look at the floor, and let's practice deep breathing.
Put your hand on your stomach -- just above your belly button. Now focus your attention on your breathing as you take a breath deep into the lower part of your lungs.
You should feel your stomach moving as you do this!
Now breathe out of your mouth slowly and evenly.
Make sure you can feel your hand moving out as you breathe in!
Slow, deep breathing gets more oxygen to your lungs and heart.
It gives your body the message that everything is okay.
That helps you calm down. Could everyone feel your bodies calming down?
What sensations did you notice in your body as it calmed down?
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