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Breaking Down the Donor-Beneficiary Relationship in ND's Relationship with Sentigi, Uganda

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Vi Ho

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Breaking Down the Donor-Beneficiary Relationship in ND's Relationship with Sentigi, Uganda

Building Tomorrow Building schools in Uganda for children Raising awareness about the need for education
especially in rural Uganda Strategy Building Tomorrow works
with college/high school chapters
College/High School chapters
raise ~$40,000 to build a school Building Tomorrow works with
local community to construct the
school Government pays
teacher salaries Notre Dame Goal: to raise (at the time) $35,000
to build the school in one year Our advertisement message:
building a sustainable relationship not just "giving a few
dollars" pen pal program ND will know these kids We raise the money within a year! 70% finished The Big Question:
Now What? How do we fulfill our promise
of creating a sustainable relationship
with the community? How do we get past
Why is this even important? Relationship based ... on pity? on stereotypical
power positions? on wanting to
help them live
the way we do? UNEQUAL. "Let's help those poor people"
mentality conflicts with solidarity perpetuates dependency not sustainable But how do we
get past this? Sentigi village,
uganda exposure what's actually taking place? Observation of construction
progress Mentality that our work
is done - education in
Uganda now exists see the real picture faded initial excitement engage the community
in conversation deconstruct unbalanced
relationship create genuine relationship create solidarity How? Get over initial assumptions about one another Find the connections Break down those walls Start from scratch Share your story making relationship equal education needs investment exciting part is over a lot of work ahead of us create the shared vision for our kids dangers of dependency talk with - not over Brainstorming together
our vision
our power
obstacles and challenges
action plan
be a part of community introduction make common ground Where to go from here? Continued dialogue, visits Sharing of information, experiences Meet in the middle 50/50 Scholarship program Pen Pal Program Continuing challenges Equal relationship vs.
evident needs Distance, funding for traveling Fundraising Mentality Build more schools
or invest in this one? Meeting greatest needs
from afar why? breaking down the
relationship Breaking Down Donor-Beneficiary Walls
...creating the we... the Workshop by Barbara Vi Thien Ho
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