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Who Am I Powerpoint presentation

No description

katherine garnett

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Who Am I Powerpoint presentation

Who Am I?
Personality Style
The Inspiring Type
1,2,3 Dessert Scenario
'D I S C' Influences
- the sequence i chose was ' I S D C'

- i chose this sequence because I am very people oriented however I can be very shy and reserved which is why I put the 'inspiring type' and the 'Supportive first'.

- I like to be in control and get everything done as soon as possible, making my third choice be the 'dominant type' . And lastly, my weakness is that i need to get everything right and perfect, which made me pick the 'Cautious type' as my fourth choice

'D' influence
In my life, the person who is the 'Dominant type' is my mom. She is constantly the one in control when we take on large tasks. She is always the 'go to' person and gets things done as soon as possible. When dealing with my mom, she always assumes that she is correct and looks for respect from the people she is dealing with. That's why, I always respect her no matter what and stay on task.
'S' influence
In my life, the person that demonstrates the 'Supportive type' would be my other best friend, Katey. Katey tends be shy at some points but she is probably the most kind person I know. She is always there when I have a problem, no matter the situation. When dealing with Katey, you always have to be open and friendly otherwise she won't return it.
'I' influence
In my life, the person who demonstrates the 'Inspiring type' would be my best friend Maddy. No matter when I hang out with her, she is always so cheery and positive. She loves to make people feel better about themselves. When dealing with Maddy, you always have to be upbeat and fun, otherwise she won't be her positive regular self.
'C' influence
In my life, the person that demonstrates the ' Cautious type' would be my sister, Tori. Tori a very logical thinker who has a great imagination. She always has to get everything right down to the littlest detail. When dealing with Tori, you have to very structured and trustworthy.
Multiple Intelligences
My top two intelligences were Bodily and Visual.

- Working with art, you require to use your hands for most of it. Drawing, painting, sculpting , all of it. Without using your body, you wouldn't be able to create such pieces of art. This is why Bodily intelligence is at the top of my list. I require to use my hands to solve my problems.

- Also similar to bodily intelligence, art is something I use to help visualize the world visually in my mind. I use all sorts of techniques to create this. This makes Visual intelligence on my list. I use visuals to help my understanding for the world
My strongest learning style
My strongest learning style would be the 'tactile learner'. I enjoy using my hands, especially since my favorite subject is art which can actually allow me to get more hands on learning than most subjects. My main interests outside of school are using my computer or playing rugby. These both require hands on activity, which increases my strength in tactile learning
What do I value most?
1. Family
2. Friends
3. Health
4. Money
5. Knowledge
In the future ...
In the future, I would be living in Toronto with my husband and children as a editorial designer for a popular magazine company. The values my career involves are to be able to exercise my creative skills and challenge my self, continue to learn, be in a environment that has integrity and a company that has good ethics.
during a family dinner, at my grandparents, with many family members present, I started to joke around with my mom about the fact that my bedroom wasn't yet decorated to my expectations. Initially, the banter, between my mom and I was considered humorous among the group. I enjoyed the exchange equally and continued to feed off the responses from people. At this point, I was feeling admiration and recognition. I was interacting, socializing and having fun. However, as i continued to deliver barbs purely in the spirit of fun, the social climate took a turn for the worse. What I failed to realize was that, there is a threshold of tolerance we must be in tuned to so that we can all have fun and nobody gets hurt.
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