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deer trip

No description

Mitchell taveirne

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of deer trip

My Deer Trip Safety concerns Currency exchange Things to do Where i plan to stay Places to eat Filght A flight to Kansas city and back cost
323 dollars and that is a non stop flight The flight time is
2 hours and 12 minutes My departure is at 9am an I will
arrive at 10:12am My plan (the american plan ) Gets me breakfest ,lunch and dinner for the 6 days I am going to be there. Also just down the road in town
there are a couple of restraunts on
the main road The restraunts there in the town are
and KELSEYS Oregon Hotels The Oregon
hotel is a four star hotel
that thas a breakfest buffet
and they also serve dinner The curency exchange from Canada to the U.S
is 2 cents on one dollar 1 Dollar=98 cents 500 Dollars=489.52 I can't really think of many
safety concerns because
I'm with a guide and we are both
experienced hunter's and we both have
our liscences. The one safety concern is
maybe getting attacked by
another animal. Like a bear or somenthing. Here are some pictures of the success rate
and the beautiful scenery! climate The time im going will be fall so it
wont be to cold or to warm it will
probably be nice. The temperature when im going will
be 4 degrees to 19 degrees Thank you for paying attention
to my presentation have a dandy
day sincerly mitchell
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